Tesla Frunk Hood Stuck - Won't Open

Tesla Frunk Hood Stuck – Won’t Open

Tesla’s frunk hood should pop up when you press open on your device’s touchscreen. Some Tesla owners are having problems with a hood that gets stuck and won’t open. This guide will explain possible problems preventing you from opening your Tesla hood.

How to open front trunk (drunk) on a Tesla?

Tesla hood stuck won't open when pressing open

To open the front trunk of your Model X, make sure the vehicle is in “Park” and then choose one of these options:

  1. Go to “Touch Controls” on the touchscreen and select “Frunk”.
  2. Double-press the front trunk button on the key fob.
  3. Tap the front trunk button in the mobile app.
  4. Then, pull the hood open.


Common problems with the Tesla hood:

  • Tesla frunk hood stuck closed.
  • Tesla hood shows open even when closed.
  • Tesla hood won’t open at all.
  • Tesla hood pops up an inch, but the latch is still engaged.
  • Frunk won’t open at all; it makes a noise when pressing open.
  • Frunk does not fully close but engages.

Possible Causes

A common problem with Tesla vehicles, especially Model 3, is that the hood may get stuck and not open due to faulty hood latch actuators. Other problems that lead to a stuck frunk hood on a Tesla include rusted cables or a misaligned hood latch.

Faulty Latch Actuators

tesla hood actuators

If your Tesla hood is not opening when you press the OPEN button, the problem could be a faulty hood release actuator. Two actuators are installed next to the hood latch. The primary actuator allows the hood to unlock and pop up about an inch.

The secondary actuator serves a safety function and prevents the hood from opening up if you forget and drive with the hood open. The secondary actuator can fail, leading to the hood not opening up when opening the frunk. These actuators are electronically controlled and release the hood when the button is pressed.

The actuators may fail and need to be replaced. Replacing a Tesla hood actuator is very easy and takes about thirty minutes. The actuator is held in place with two 10mm bolts.

Tesla frunk cover removed to access stuck hood latch

Once you remove the plastic cover in the frunk, you will see the two actuators and can replace them using a 10mm wrench. If the primary actuator allows the hood to pop up an inch, but the secondary actuator is not releasing, it is possible to release the hood manually.

This video shows how to open a Tesla hood stuck due to the failure of the secondary actuator.

Rusted Cables

rusted tesla hood latch cable

The actuator cables may get stuck due to rust. A common symptom that your Tesla may have a frunk cable problem is that the hood can be fully closed, but it is stuck and won’t pop up when you press the OPEN button. Typically if you hear a noise at the front of the hood by the front latch, it means the hood actuators are working, but the cables or latch is stuck.

Spray lithium grease on the actuator cable and operate the cable by hand a few times to free the cables and ensure normal operation.

Damaged Microswitches

Tesla hood latch microswitch

In the hood latch, a microswitch detects if the hood is open or closed. If the microswitch is damaged or misaligned, it may show as the hood open even when the hood is closed.

If that is the case, you will have to open the hood of your Tesla manually and either replace or realign the micro switches.

Frunk Latch Problem

tesla hood latch

The last problem that can lead to a Tesla hood not closing or opening properly is a misaligned hood latch. The front bumper might have caused the hood latch to bend if your vehicle was involved in a front-end collision. This can lead to the micro switch and actuators not working correctly, leaning to the hood, and not releasing completely when you open the frunk. It is not uncommon for the Tesla front trunk to not disengage completely due to a problem with the hood latch.

Why is my Tesla frunk not closing?

There can be several reasons why your Tesla frunk may not be closing properly:

  • Obstruction: Make sure nothing is blocking the frunk from closing.
  • Misalignment: Check if the frunk is aligned properly with the car’s body.
  • Loose hinges: The frunk hinges may be loose or damaged, preventing the frunk from closing securely.
  • Broken latch: The frunk latch may be broken, preventing it from engaging and locking the frunk closed.
  • Software issues: In some cases, a software glitch may prevent the frunk from closing properly. Try restarting the vehicle or having it serviced.

If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, it’s recommended to contact Tesla for service. We hope you find the Tesla Frunk Hood Stuck – Won’t Open guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Tesla.


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