Ford F150- Turn ON and OFF Daytime Running Lights

Ford F150- Turn ON and OFF Daytime Running Lights

How can I turn on/off my daytime running light on my Ford F150? Follow the procedures below to learn how to turn on/off your daytime running light. This guide provides instructions on how to turn your Ford F-150’s Daytime Lights on or off.


  1. Using the steering wheel arrow keys to navigate the console menu, choose Settings, and press ok.Settings
  2. On the Settings menu, navigate to Advanced Settings and press ok.advance-settings
  3. On Advanced Setting, choose Vehicle and press ok.vehicle
  4. Choose Lighting and press ok.lightings
  5. Choose Daytime Lights.Daytime-lights
  6. Use the ok or center button to check or enable it or uncheck to disable it.check-or-uncheck-2 check-or-uncheck1

What is the point of daytime running lights?

  • Fundamentally, DRLs are bright, low-powered lights usually using LED technology, which operates all the time your car runs. The purpose is simple: making it easier for other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and cars to notice your presence on the road.

We hope you find the Ford F150- Turn ON and OFF Daytime Running Lights guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Ford.

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