Mercedes-Benz Automatic High Beam On

Mercedes-Benz Automatic High Beam On

To turn on the auto high beam on a Mercedes-Benz, push the turn signal switch forward, and it will stay there, turning on the auto high beam feature.  Pull the turn signal switch towards you to turn off the auto high beam feature, and the auto high beam function will be canceled.

Auto high-beam system can automatically turn on the high beams when its windshield-mounted sensors detect no vehicles ahead. The auto high-beam system switches to the low beams when vehicles ahead are detected.

To turn on the auto high beam feature on a Mercedes-Benz, follow these steps:

  1. Set the headlight switch to AUTO. turn on auto headlights
  2. Push the turn signal switch forward. mercedes automatic headlight switch location
  3. Ensure the AUTO or high beam with the A symbol stays on. AUTO HEADLIGHT HIGH BEAM ON MERCEDES BENZ

The auto headlight feature is most helpful when driving on secondary or country roads when no other cars are on the road. They can also be used on the highway as long as there is insignificant traffic. The high beams may stay off if the highway has street lights. This does not mean your Mercedes-Benz auto high beam system is not working.

auto headlight on mercedes benz

You can use this function to set the headlamps between low and high beams automatically. The system recognizes vehicles with their lights on, either approaching from the opposite direction or traveling in front of your car. It consequently switches the headlamps from a high beam to a low beam.

The system automatically adapts the low-beam headlamp range depending on the distance to the other vehicle. Once the system no longer detects any other cars in front of you (moving in either direction), it reactivates the high-beam headlamps.

light sensor mercedes

The system’s optical sensor is located behind the windshield near the overhead control panel or at the top of the windshield. Adaptive Highbeam Assist may fail to recognize other road users with lights or may recognize them too late in sporadic cases. Turn off the auto headlight feature if the system malfunctions, and keep high beams on even if other vehicles are in front of you.

Follow this guide if your auto high beam feature does not work. We hope you find the Mercedes-Benz Automatic High Beam On guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.


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