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This guide shows how to replace the driver's door window switch on a VW Jetta 2011–2018, also known as VW Bora. This window switch is also used on Volkswagen CC, GTI, Golf, Golf R, Passat, Rabit, and Tiguan.

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 What you will need


  1. Park the Volkswagen and turn off the engine. Open the driver's door.VW Jetta Driver's Door Switch Replacement


  2. Use a dash trim removal tool  (or flathead screwdriver) to pry out the window switch at the back. 
  3. Lift the window switch and pull towards the back to release the front tab. 
  4. Release the connector on the back of the window switch.VW window switch replacement 
  5. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the window switch from the plastic trim. 
  6. Remove the window switch by pulling it out. 
  7. Install the new window switch by pressing it in until you hear it click. 

If your VW windows won't move up and down, the problem could be the window switch is faulty. It is essential to diagnose your car before you decide to replace the window switch. In some cases, a VW window may not move up and down due to a faulty window regulator, window motor, or a blown fuse. 

As shown in this tutorial, changing a VW window switch is very easy and takes less than thirty minutes. 

The average cost to change a Volkswagen window switch at a repair shop ranges between $150-$200. The average cost to change a Volkswagen window switch yourself ranges between $25-$50.