How to replace Mercedes Parking Sensor

Mercedes parking sensors can fail causing part of the system to not work properly. Failure is either due to accident or the sensor may stop working if water gets inside it. You can also remove the sensor and try to dry it but it doesn't always work. Replacement sensors is very easy. New sensors can be bought online for $20-$30.  

What you will need

Mercedes bumper parking sensors are interchangeable between models. 

PTS Parking Sensor for Mercedes-Benz

mercedes parking sensor
  • Mercedes Parktronic Bumper Sensor
    • The same sensor is used on multiple models including C S E CLK SLK CL M ML G GL R Class. 
    • Part numbers: A2125420018
    • W203 W209 W210 W211 W220
      • 0045428718 / A0045428718 / 0263003556 / 0015427418 /A0045428718

Always verify compatibility with the auto parts seller or dealer. 

Matching Color

mercedes matching paint


New Mercedes parking sensors typically do not come painted. Therefore the new sensor will not match the paint of your bumper and car.

Getting the new parking sensor to match the color of your car is easy. You will need to get a custom mixed spray can that matches the color of your Mercedes-Benz.

Local auto body paint shops often sell custom mixed paint. All you need is to provide the paint color code of your Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes paint code can be found on the sticker on the driver's door.

mercedes paint code location


It is on the right side of the label. It will end with three numbers. For example 744 which is commonly silver or 040 for black.


Replacing the parking sensor on a Mercedes-Benz is very easy. In this guide, we will show you how to replace a Mercedes parking sensor but also how to paint the new sensor to match the color of your car.

  1. Get a new Mercedes parking sensor. It can be used or new. If the sensor matched the color of your car great. Skip the painting steps. mercedes bumper parking sensor


  2. Sand down the old paint from the sensor. If the sensor is not painted, scuff the surface with 500 grit sandpaperdiy mercedes parking sensor


  3. Spray a light coat on the sensor and let it dry for at least 15 minutes. Apply a second coat of paint. If you are using single stage paint it will contain clear as well. But if you would like to have the sensor look as close to the original bumper, you can apply a coat of Automotive Clear mercedes aprking sesnor replacement painting to match color


  4. Determine the faulty or missing parking sensor. missing mercedes parking sensor


  5. You will need to access the sensor from under the bumper. mercedes parking assit sensor replacement


  6. Unclip or remove any bolts that hold the bumper in place. Mercedes-Benz uses plastic retainers and 10mm bolts but in some models, Torx head bolts are used.remove bolts to replace mercedes parktronic parking sensor


  7. Reach to the back of the bumper and remove the sensor by pressing the two locking tabs. mercedes pts sensor


  8. Press the new sensor in place and plug in the electrical connector. 


Eugene Onwunaka, 2019-07-08

Hit a car with my left front side and the parktronic system only flashes and the shuts of. Any ideas?

By YOUCANIC on May 11, 2019


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