Is the oil pressure warning light displayed on your Mazda 3 dashboard? Learn how to fix the problem by checking the oil level and adding engine oil to your vehicle. This guide is a step-by-step procedure for checking and adding engine oil on a 2013-2018 Mazda 3.

What you will need

  • Engine Oil (0W-20)
  • Funnel


  1. Unlock the vehicle and pull the hood release under the dashboard.Pulling the hood release to pop out the hood.
  2. Locate the hood latch on the vehicle’s front and slide the tab to the right to unlock it.Sliding the tab to unlock the hood latch.
  3. Pull the hood up and set the hood strut to hold the hood.Setting the hood strut to hold the hood.
  4. Pull the oil dipstick located on the middle of the engine cover and wipe it clean. Wiping the oil dipstick.
  5. Insert the oil dipstick and pull it out again. Then check the oil level by looking at the tip of the dipstick. The dot at the bottom indicates the MIN (minimum) level, while the dot at the top indicates MAX (maximum) oil level. The correct oil level should be between the two dots. Checking the oil level of the engine.The two holes on the tip of the dipstick indicate the minimum and maximum oil levels.
  6. To add engine oil, remove the oil cap by twisting it counterclockwise.Opening the oil cap of the engine.Check the oil cap to make sure what engine oil to use. If the recommended oil level is not printed on the cap, it should be in the owner’s manual. If the owner’s manual is unavailable, use 5W-30 full synthetic engine oil.
  7. Pour engine oil if the level is low. Use a funnel to prevent the oil from spilling.Adding engine oil to the Mazda 3.
  8. Recheck the oil level after adding engine oil. Repeat procedures 4-5 to recheck the oil level. Do not fill more than the MAX (top dot) level. Checking the oil level of the engine.
  9. Reinstall the oil cap by twisting it clockwise.Placing the oil cap back to the engine.

We hope you find the Check/Add Engine Oil Mazda 3 2013-2018 guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mazda.

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