Align Steering Wheel Warning Message on Hyundai Kia Vehicles

Align Steering Wheel Warning Message on Hyundai / Kia Vehicles

This warning is shown if the wheels are turned to the left or the right. You should turn the steering wheel to the center and straighten your wheels before you drive.

According to the manual: “This warning message illuminates if you start the engine when the steering wheel is turned to more than 90 degrees to the left or right.”

Align Steering Wheel Warning

Start the engine and turn the steering wheel to straighten the front wheels before driving away.

  1. Startup the engine.
  2. Turn the steering wheel until the warning disappears.
  3. The steering wheel could be centered, front wheels pointing forward.

How to Disable Align Steering Wheel Message

This warning message can be disabled in the user preferences menu on the info display.

  • User Settings > Convenience > Steering Position

Not all Kia and Hyundai vehicles are equipped with this feature. If your car has this feature and you don’t like it, you can turn it off. Use the buttons on the steering wheel to enter the user menu. Scroll down and remove the checkmark from the Align Steering Wheel box.

Align Steering Wheel Problems

Many newer Hyundai and Kia vehicles, such as Sonata, Sorento, Optima, etc., are equipped with the electric-assist steering system.

While a direct (mechanical) connection to the front wheel steering system still exists, the electric motor makes steering easy, not the hydraulic steering pump.

The steering wheel is centered, still getting the “Align Steering Wheel” message.

align steering wheel warning message

An alignment must be completed to correct the steering wheel warning message, and the computer reprogrammed if the alignment is too far off.

A temporary solution would be to disable the Align Steering Wheel feature altogether. This will not fix your alignment issue but will disable the “Align Steering Wheel” message on your instrument cluster.

Steering Wheel Off Center when driving straight

align steering wheel in cluster how to disable

If the steering wheel is off-center (crooked) when driving straight, your car’s alignment is off. You will need to take your car to your dealer or an auto repair shop that can do an alignment to correct this problem.

Improper wheel alignment is often a result of hitting curbs and potholes. Because of bad wheel alignment, your tires will wear faster, and you may experience other problems, such as bad fuel economy.

If the aligned steering wheel warning message doesn’t reset, you will need to read the fault codes from the vehicle. Follow our tutorial on how to Diagnose Vehicle Problems Like a Pro.


The YOUCANIC Full System Scanner can read and clear fault codes on every control module of your vehicle, including resetting the steering wheel alignment warning message.


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