Free Auto Repair Manuals Online

By YOUCANIC on Jan 23, 2019

Free Auto Repair Manuals Online

Are you looking for FREE car repair manuals? Chilton and Haynes manuals require a subscription and payment but don't worry. This list provides several websites where you can 100% free repair manuals. The most you will need to do to access these manuals for free is register for a FREE account.  

Free Auto Repair Manuals - Autozone

diy auto repair resources

Alldata DIY was bought by Autozone. In turn, AutoZone made most of Alldata car repairs manual accessible for FREE to anyone who needs help. These online manuals are free and include exploded views, instructions and wiring diagrams. These are basically shop manuals used by mechanics at auto repair shops. 

How to get access to the FREE car repair manuals: 

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account
  3. Add a vehicle* and access the repair manuals! On the left menu, you will see access.access autozone

*You don't have to buy any parts from Autozone in order to get free access to their auto repair manuals. 

Free Auto Repair Videos - Car Care Kiosk

free auto repair manuals online

If you visit you will find hundreds of free how-to videos on many vehicles. The free repair guides include instructions such as how to change the battery, lights, oil, coolant, recharge your A/C, change cabin air filter and a lot more. 

Free Car Troubleshooting 2CarPros

free car repair manuals guides

If you need help with troubleshooting your car for free check out 2CarPros. This website has many articles and repair guides, all can be accessed for free. Even though the guides are free, they provide in-depth troubleshooting help accompanied with pictures and video clips when necessary. You can even ask car questions. It's all free and you usually get a response within a few hours.

Youcanic Car Repair & Troubleshooting Guides

car repair for home mechanic

If you need to save money on car maintenance and repair then may be all you need. Youcanic provides free car repair articles, step-by-step instructions on how to perform car repairs and diagnostics. Youcanic is geared towards DIYers so it does an excellent job explaining all necessary steps to perform the repair. You are able to search for articles by vehicle make and model. The site is completely free. You can register for free in order to ask questions and gain full site access. 

  • Free auto repair guides and videos
  • Browse articles by vehicle make and model
  • Ask questions. Upload a video clip or picture that shows your issue. 
  • Full access to repair manuals with free registration

Yahoo Auto Free Car Questions & Answers 

free car tutorials howto diy videos

Yahoo car maintenance section which can be found under the Repair Tips & Advice section. It provides a wealth of information on car repair tips and advice. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. The Yahoo section covers a great deal of information, plus you can get answers to your car questions. Use Yahoo Questions and Answers to get free answers to car problems.  



richard burgett, 2019-07-14

i have an 07 kia rio and it shifts into 3rd gear, then when the car gets up to 40 mph it goes into neutral, slow down to 30 mph and it reingauges, but stays in 3rd gear. won't go into 4th. code reader says P0734 and replace tcm. don't know location of tcm. thanks for any advice.

James Boles, 2019-08-07

dont change parts based on codes. a code is only a compass to steer you in a direction for further diagnostics. P0734 means gear ratio error in 4th gear sounds like 4th clutches are probably burnt up. if car has 130000 miles or more it is more likely to be an internal transmission problem

Dawn, 2019-09-26

2016 Ford Escape. ABS LIGHT ON. traction control light on. When I manually turn off traction control it automatically turns back on. And finally hill side assistance not available Displayed On the system check screen

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