Do you want access to your Mercedes-Benz Instrument Cluster Secret Menu, the service menu, or the engineering menu? Follow the procedures below to see the secret menu on your Mercedes-Benz using your Instrument Cluster.

The service menu can be accessed via the instrument cluster and will allow you to check the battery voltage, display VIN, turn off ESP, and reset oil service reminders.


  1. Enter your Mercedes-Benz and close the door.
  2. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it with one click. On a vehicle with Start/Stop button, press it once without pressing the brake pedal. The key must be in the car.
  3. Speed or outside temperature should show on the instrument cluster. If not, use the buttons on the steering wheel to display one of them.
  4. Press the reset button on the instrument cluster’s left side three times quickly.
  5. You should hear a click, and battery voltage or VIN should show up.
  6. Use the buttons on the steering wheel to scroll up and down.

This works on models such as C-Class W203, E-Class W211, and CLK-Class W209 and may also work on other models.

Available Functions

  • Display battery or alternator voltage
  • Disable ESP / Dynamometer Test
  • Display Vehicle Identification Number
  • Display remaining service time
  • Reset Service A, B, C, D, E, Oil Reminder

You must understand the settings before making any changes, as certain changes may render the vehicle inoperable.


  • What is the secret menu,
    • The Mercedes-Benz secret menu is a developmental menu used by engineers to access additional/specialized functions on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
  • What can I do with the secret menu?
    • You can check your car battery voltage, and turn off ESP, VIN, and alternator condition.
  • This doesn’t work for my Mercedes; what can I do?
    • Try any of the other two (2) procedures above. This procedure does not work on many 2014 and newer models.

We hope you find the Mercedes-Benz Service Dyno Mode | Secret Menu guides helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.

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