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Tesla Reboot and Reset Procedure

Powerful computers control Tesla vehicles. Tesla vehicles, like Windows desktops, require periodic system reboots.

Resetting or rebooting your Tesla can solve several minor and major issues you may be experiencing, such as:

  • Frozen or unresponsive touchscreen
  • A/C Keep running
  • The Center screen is stuck off-center
  • Blank screen of death
  • Tesla app won’t connect
  • Black touchscreen
  • Autopilot malfunction
  • AP/Cruise not available

In most cases, leaving the car parked for a few hours will fix most of these problems as the car will go to sleep, which reboots when you wake it up.

  • Reboot: Hold both steering wheel buttons and press the brake until the screen goes black. Continue holding until the Tesla logo appears. Then let go.
  • Power Off/On: Under Vehicle Controls -> Safety and Security > Power Off (wait 2-3 minutes before pressing the Brake).

If leaving the vehicle parked for a few hours, a system reboot will does not fix the problem. A system restart can fix these and many issues. Let’s look at various methods to reboot a Tesla if something goes wrong.

How to Reboot / Reset a Tesla

reset reboot tesla vehicle

We recommend that the car should always be stationary and in a safe place before rebooting the car.

It is recommended to unplug all USB devices before performing a reboot. USB devices such as phones can prevent some subsystems from shutting down.

Option 1: Soft Reset -Reset Tesla Using Steering Wheel Scroll Wheel

Soft Reboot or Reset is straightforward. Hold down both steering wheel buttons until the screen goes black and continue holding until the Tesla logo appears. Then let go.

  1. Press and hold both scroll wheels on either side of the steering wheel.
  2. Keep the buttons pressed for up to ten seconds.
  3. After ten seconds, the main screen will reboot.

While rebooting, you should hear a clicking noise which is normal.

Option 2: Top button reboot (MS and MX only)

  1. Press and hold both buttons above the scroll wheels on either side of the steering wheel.
  2. Keep these buttons pressed for up to ten seconds, and the driver’s touch screen should reboot.

Option 3: Full steering wheel hard reset using the brake pedal

You will need to sit in the driver’s seat and close the doors for this reboot.  Keep the doors closed and not open for the reboot duration to successfully perform the hard reset procedure.

  1. Get inside the car and close the driver’s door.
  2. Press the brake pedal and keep it pressed.
  3. Press and hold both buttons above the scroll wheels. You may have to press the scroll wheels on either side of the steering wheel (MS and MX) or just the scroll wheels (M3)
  4. Press buttons for up to 10 seconds, and the driver’s touchscreen will reboot.
  5. Continue to keep the brakes pressed as the system restarts.

If the above steps don’t work, try the following:

A Tesla hard reset AKA “Power Cycle,” can also be done while the vehicle is in PARK.

  1. Close doors.
  2. Go to Controls, Safety, and Security, and select “Power Off.”
  3. Do not touch the brake, open the doors, or anything for 3 minutes.
  4. Then touch to brake to power back up.

Option 4: Tesla Hard Reset / Power Cycle / Pown and Restart

Sit in the car with the door closed and don’t touch anything or open the door other than to follow the instructions. This is also best done where it’s quiet, as listening to the car can help; otherwise, pay attention to the time.

  1. Get inside the car and close the doors. Do not press any other buttons.
  2. On the main screen, bring up the service menu.
  3. Next select “Power Off.”
  4. After a while, the screen turns off, allowing the system to shut down for a few seconds.
  5. Allow the vehicle to stay turned off for a few minutes.
  6. Press the brake pedal to wake up the car.

Option 5: Tesla Factory Reset Procedure

  • Controls > Settings > Service & Reset > Factory Reset > Erase & Reset

We hope you find the Tesla Reboot and Reset Procedure guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Tesla.

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