How can I change the wheel configuration and reset the tire pressure monitoring system on my Tesla Model 3? Learn how to reset the TPMS and change the wheel configuration of your Tesla by following the procedures below.  This configuration must be done if the wheels are changed on a Tesla. Also, if the tire pressure light is on and the air pressure is corrected, this procedure may need to be done.

Lastly, if any tire pressure sensors are replaced, this reset must be done.

Vehicle Applications

Tesla Model 3 years: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and other Tesla models such as the X and S.

What you will need

  • No tools or parts are required.


  1. On the touchscreen display, tap the car icon on the bottom left of the screen and navigate to the service menu.
  2. In the service menu, tap the wheel configuration icon.
  3. Make sure the correct size wheel for the vehicle is selected. Use the drop-down menu to see the various sizes. Confirm the option by tapping the confirm button.
  4. In the service menu, tap the reset TPMS sensor button.
  5. Make sure all the tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Refer to the driver’s side door jam sticker for correct tire pressure.
  6. After the tires are correct, while the vehicle is in the park, select the learn new pressures button on the prompt on the touchscreen display.
  7. The vehicle must be driven above at least 16 mph for a few minutes to learn the new pressures.
  8. The tire pressure sensors will now be reset, and the pressures are reading correctly. The TPMS light will go off; you are done!


  • Front tire pressure: 42 PSI
  • Rear tire pressure: 35 PSI

Refer to this guide.

I reset the TPMS, but an error message said, “TPMS reset learning failed,” what do I do?

This means that one or more of the sensors is not functioning properly. If new wheels were recently installed, ensure the wheel configuration is also set. If the TPMS still fails to reset, a sensor is likely bad and needs to be replaced; refer to the touchscreen display to see if any pressures are showing up.

Use a handheld TPMS reset tool to diagnose further and see which sensor is not being programmed. However, it is also possible but unlikely that one of the antennas for the TPMS in the vehicle has failed.

How long do TPMS sensors last? Can I replace the batteries?

Typically, the batteries in the tire pressure monitor sensors last five years. They can last longer, even upwards of ten years, but it is a good idea if they are older and one fails to replace them all.

We hope you find the Tesla Model 3 Wheel Configuration Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Tesla.

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