Foldt hird Seat Down

Fold Third Seat Down – SUV or VAN

Need to fold the third seat for your SUV/VAN for more luggage space? Follow the procedures below to learn how to fold the third seat of your SUV/VAN. This guide provides instructions on how to fold down the third-row seats in a Mitsubishi. Steps may apply to other makes and models. Some vehicles have electronic seats (power-folding), and you can fold the seats by pressing the switch in the trunk space.

  1. Open the rear hatch.  This will make it easier to access the seat.
  2. Push the tabs to release the headrests on the third row and remove them.  That will allow them to fold properly.
  3. Pull the loops on the corners of the seats to release the floor catches.
  4. Fold the third-row seats forward.

Are third-row seats removable?

The third-row seats on most vans and SUVs are not designed to be removed, but they still can be removed with little effort. The third row is bolted down with either four or 6 bolts. Once you remove those bolts, you can easily remove the third row from the vehicle.

We hope you find the Fold Third Seat Down – SUV or VAN guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mitsubishi.

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