Is the brake, signal, and parking light not working on your Hyundai Sonata? Learn how to fix the problems by replacing each light bulb. We will guide you thru the steps in replacing the turn signal, brake, and park light on the 2011-2015 Hyundai Sonata. Replacing light bulbs on a Hyundai Sonata is easy and takes about 20 minutes.

What you will need


  1. Open the
  2. Remove the taillight panel cover.remove-panel
  3. Remove parking light socket by turning counter-clockwise a bit, then pull.remove-park-socket
  4. Remove the parking light bulb by simply pulling it.remove-park-bulb
  5. Prepare the new parking bulb.
  6. Insert the new parking bulb into the socket, then push it in.insert-new-park-bulb
  7. Install the parking light socket into the tail light assembly by pushing it in while aligning the tabs, then turning it counterclockwise.reinstall-socket
  8. Remove brake light and tail combination socket by turning it clockwise a bit, then pull it out. Please note that the bulb used in this has 2 filaments; one is used for the tail light and the other is for the brake light.remove-brake-socket
  9. To remove the combination bulb from the socket, press the bulb, then turn it, then you can pull it out.remove-b-light-bulb
  10. Prepare the new combination bulb.
  11. Install the new combination bulb into the socket by pressing it and turning it a bit.install-combi-bulb
  12. Install combination socket into tail light assembly by inserting it and turning it a bit. Be sure to align the mark to the bottom of the assembly.install-combi-bulb
  13. Remove the turn signal light socket by turning then pulling it.remove-t-signal-socket
  14. Remove the turn signal bulb by turning it a bit and then pulling it.remove-t-signal-bulb
  15. Prepare the new turn signal bulb.
  16. Install the new turn signal bulb by aligning the tabs, pushing it into the socket, and turning it in.install-t-signal-bulb
  17. Install turn signal socket by pushing it in the tail light assembly, aligning 3 tabs, then slightly turning it.install-t-signal-socket
  18. Reinstall panel cover.install-panel-cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Are taillights always on?

Taillights turn on with the headlights.

How much does a car light bulb cost?

You can get a light bulb for an average of 20$, depending on what type you want to install in your vehicle. Just make sure to put the same light bulb size.

We hope you find the Hyundai Sonata Brake Signal Light Bulb and Parking Light Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Hyundai Sonata.

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