Is there a warning light displayed on your Land Rover? Learn the warning light’s meaning and possible solutions to solve the problem by checking the list below. This guide will explain Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols.


Land Rover Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The ABS warning lamp will turn on briefly at the beginning of the ignition ON cycle. If the lamp remains on or comes on while the engine running or driving, there is a fault with the ABS (though the brakes will still work). Drive with care, avoiding heavy braking.

Have the ABS module scanned with a professional OBDiII scanner to read the faults.

Common ABS system faults:


Land Rover Check EngineCheck Engine

The check engine light illuminates when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on and stays on until the engine starts. If the light illuminates while the engine is running, there’s a fault. The vehicle is safe to drive with the lamp illuminated, but you should diagnose the fault as soon as possible. While the lamp is on, the vehicle may enter limp mode, which reduces vehicle performance to prevent further damage. If the lamp flashes when the engine is running, slow down as soon as it is safe and do not drive the vehicle.

Have the diagnostic trouble codes pulled with an OBDII scan tool for more information on the fault.

Common causes of the check engine light:

  • Loose fuel cap
  • P0420 catalytic converter failure
  • Emission control system failure
  • O2 sensor failure
  • Dirty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor

Land Rover Air BagAir Bag

The airbag warning lamp illuminates as a bulb checks when the vehicle’s ignition is switched on. The lamp should go out again after 6 seconds. If the lamp illuminates while driving, there is a fault with the airbag system. Have the airbag module scanned with an OBDII scan tool to provide more information on the fault.


Land Rover Engine TemperatureEngine Temperature

The engine temperature warning lamp comes on when the engine’s temperature is overheated. The instrument panel also displays a warning message. Stop as soon as you can safely do so. Allow the engine to cool down and have the vehicle towed if necessary. Check the vehicle’s coolant level and service the cooling system for any problems.

Common cooling systems problems:

  • Coolant hose, heater core, or radiator leak
  • Bad thermostat or cooling fans
  • Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Bad head gasket.
  • Water pump failure.

Land Rover Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTire Pressure Monitoring System

If the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) lamp comes on, one or more tires are significantly under-inflated. You’ll also see a warning message on the instrument panel. Stop the vehicle as soon as it’s safe and check the tire pressures. Inflate to the recommended pressure. If the lamp flashes, there’s a system fault.

Common TPMS system faults:

  • One or more underinflated tires.
  • A faulty tire pressure monitor system sensor
  • Failing TPMS module

Land Rover  Handbrake Brake SystemHandbrake / Brake System

As a bulb check, the brake warning lamp illuminates briefly when the ignition is switched on. In normal conditions, it will go off while the engine is running and driving. You could fault your brake system or run low on brake fluid if it comes on. Stop as soon as possible, check the fluid level, and fill if necessary. If the light stays on, have the vehicle towed and service the brake system. 

Common brake system problems:

  • Bad master cylinder
  • Low brake fluid level
  • The parking brake is on (light may illuminate yellow instead of red in this case)

Land Rover BatteryBattery

As a bulb check, the 12V battery charge warning lamp comes on briefly when the vehicle’s ignition is switched on. It should go out when the engine has started. If the lamp remains on or comes on while driving, there is a fault with the battery charging system. You’ll find a warning message on the instrument panel. 

Common 12v battery charging system problems:

  • Alternator not charging
  • Broken serpentine belt
  • Bad battery not holding charge
  • Loose battery cable

Land Rover  Diesel Exhaust Fluid ((DEF) Exhaust FilterDiesel Exhaust Filter (DEF) 

The diesel exhaust filter warning lamp means that a build-up of soot has occurred in the diesel exhaust particulate filter. The vehicle’s exhaust will need to be serviced, pulled over, and the vehicle towed. If this light comes on while driving, the vehicle will be put in limp mode to prevent further damage. Follow the exhaust filter regeneration maintenance by using a professional scan tool to start this advanced system function.


Land Rover Exhaust Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Land Rover’s latest diesel models produce exceptionally low exhaust emissions from Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which is injected into the exhaust gases. If the DEF reservoir runs out completely, the engine will stop rather than risk damaging the engine. The warning lamp illuminates red to warn the driver that the level of DEF is low and needs to be filled. It also comes in red if the incorrect fluid has been added to the system or if there is a fault with the system. Check the message on the instrument panel for more information. If a fault has occurred, use a professional scan tool to read the codes the DEF light has triggered.


Land Rover Lane Departure WarningLane Departure Warning (Red)

When the lane departure feature is active, you should always use your direction indicators before crossing a lane. If you don’t do so, the red lane departure warning lamp will illuminate (showing which lane boundary you’ve crossed). You will also feel a vibration through the steering wheel. If the vehicle veers out of the indicated lane markers while lane departure is active, the vehicle will self-correct back to the center of the lane; this can be overridden by turning the steering wheel. turn lane departure off in the information display settings.


Land Rover Low Oil PressureLow Oil Pressure

If the low oil pressure warning lamp flashes or illuminates while driving, stop the vehicle as soon as you can do so safely. Switch off the engine immediately. Check and top up the oil level, if necessary. Start the engine. If the lamp remains on, switch the engine off immediately. Contact roadside assistance to be towed and have the vehicle serviced. 

Common causes of low oil pressure:

  • Bad oil pressure sending sensor
  • Failed oil pump
  • Worn piston rings
  • Blocked oil passages
  • Low oil or oil that has turned to sludge from never changing it

Land Rover Seat Belt ReminderSeat Belt Reminder

The seat belt lamp will come on, and a chime will sound if a passenger or driver unbuckles their belt while the car is in motion. The lamp will go out again when the seat belt is buckled. (Note: if you put objects like bags or shopping on the front passenger seat, they may activate the seat belt reminder feature. Either stow them in the boot or fasten the seat belt around them.) 

Common causes of failing seat belt warning systems:

  • Faulty seat belt sensor
  • Faulty seat pressure sensor
  • Seatbelt not fastened

Land Rover Triangle Critical WarningCritical Warning

The critical warning message lamp will come on to warn when an important message is displayed on the instrument panel. Pullover when it is safe to do so and check the message on the instrument panel. Use your best judgment to determine whether the vehicle is safe to drive. Have the vehicle towed and serviced if necessary.


Land Rover Amber Triangle General MessageAmber General Warning Message

The general warning and information lamp illuminates to let you know that a non-critical warning message, or an information message, is displayed on the instrument panel. Take note of this message and have the vehicle serviced accordingly. The message can be cleared while driving and will display every ignition cycle.


Land Rover BrakeBrake Warning (Amber)

The brake warning lamp illuminates briefly when the vehicle’s ignition is switched on to check the bulb is working. If the lamp shows amber after starting the engine or while driving, the cause could be worn brake pads or a faulty braking system. You can still drive with care but should diagnose the issue immediately. 


Land Rover Exhaust FilterExhaust Filter (Amber)

If the filter fails to regenerate and starts to become full, the exhaust warning light comes on amber. The instrument panel also displays a warning message. Follow the on-screen messages when it’s safe to do so. Have the exhaust filter and the diesel fluid checked to prevent further damage.


Land Rover Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

If the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) warning lamp lights up amber, it means that the level of DEF is running low. The warning lamp also shows amber if the wrong fluid has been added to the system or if there is a fault. The instrument panel will also display a warning message. Check the DEF fluid level and type and service accordingly.


Land Rover Dynamic Stability ControlDynamic Stability Control

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) lamp flashes when the system is triggered. If there is a fault with the system, it remains illuminated, and the instrument panel displays a warning message. You can still drive, but the DSC assistance won’t be on, so proceed cautiously. 

Common causes of stability control failure:

  • Faulty steering angle or wheel speed sensors/contaminated sensors
  • Faulty ABS system
  • Faulty power steering system
  • Engine problems such as misfiring cylinders

Dynamic Stability Control OFF

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) OFF shows when the system is switched off. The lamp is accompanied by a chime and a confirmation message in the instrument panel. Dynamic stability control will turn on each time the vehicle is started. If it remains off after starting, there is a fault in the system, and it has been disabled permanently. Have the system scanned with an ABS scan tool and service accordingly.


Land Rover External TemperatureExternal Temperature

The external temperature lamp illuminates when the external temperature is low enough for ice to form on the road. Drive with caution in these conditions. Always have stability control and ABS turned on during extreme weather conditions.


Land Rover Follow ModeFollow Mode

The Follow Mode lamp illuminates when the adaptive cruise control system is in follow mode, i.e., maintaining a set distance from the vehicle in front. If the vehicle ahead brakes, automatic braking will be applied. In emergency situations, a warning will chime if a sudden collision is detected, and the vehicle will apply the brakes hard to reduce collision impact.


Land Rover Glow PlugsGlow Plugs

The glow plug lamp illuminates when the vehicle’s ignition is switched on to indicate that the glow plugs are active and help the diesel engine to start. Glow plugs heat the engine block on a diesel vehicle to aid in starting the internal combustion engine, which works by compression of diesel fuel without spark.


Land Rover Hill Descent ControlHill Descent Control

The Hill Descent Control (HDC) lamp illuminates continuously when the HDC system is selected, and the system is controlling a steep descent. If the lamp flashes, HDC has been selected, but the operating conditions are not met, or HDC fade-out is occurring.


Land Rover Low Fuel WarningLow Fuel Warning

The low fuel warning lamp illuminates when the fuel level is low. You should refuel at the earliest opportunity—the arrow shows which side of the vehicle the fuel filler flap is located. 


Land Rover Rear Fog LightsRear Fog Lights

The amber rear fog light indicator illuminates when the rear fog lights are switched on. This indicator will be facing to the right to indicate it is the rear fog lights. The rear fog lights can be turned off by pressing the headlight switch turn dial.


Land Rover Auto High Beam AssistAuto High Beam Assist

The Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) lamp illuminates the active AHBA feature. This will automatically dip your lights to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.​ When oncoming traffic is not detected, beams will return to the main beams.


Land Rover Auto Stop-Auto StartAuto Stop-Auto Start (Green)

The auto stop/start system is designed to save fuel in traffic. It turns off the engine when coming to a complete stop. The lamp illuminates when the engine is momentarily shut down but ready to start again. When the accelerator is pushed, the engine will automatically start again. If the indicator is amber, the system is disabled and needs to be serviced.


Land Rover Cruise ControlCruise Control

The lamp illuminates when cruise control or adaptive cruise control is active.​ The cruising speed can be set via the steering wheel’s cruise control stalk or buttons. While active and set, the vehicle will travel at the speed it was set. Disable it on the stalk or via the off button on the steering wheel to turn off cruise control.


Land Rover Direction IndicatorsDirection Indicators

The appropriate direction indicator lamp left or right flashes when the direction indicators are operated via the turn signal stalk. If a direction indicator bulb fails, the visual and audible warnings flash and sound at twice the normal rate.​

Common direction indicator fault:

  • The turn signal switch is faulty. 
  • Burnt out/ bad turn signal bulb

Land Rover Exhaust Filter Green Exhaust Filter (Green)

The exhaust filter lamp briefly illuminates green after a successful filter regeneration process.


Land Rover Forward AlertForward Alert

The forward alert lamp illuminates when a vehicle or object is detected within a set range ahead of the vehicle while forward alert monitoring is active. The driver is responsible for taking action to avoid collision unless auto emergency braking is active.


Land Rover Lane Departure Warning greenLane Departure Warning (green)

The lane departure warning lamp illuminates to confirm the lane departure warning system is active. Recognized lane markings that have not been crossed will illuminate green. These are the indicated lane markings the vehicle will stay inside. If the vehicle crosses these, the lane indicators will turn red. Refer to lane departure warning (red).

We hope you find the Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Explained guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Land Rover.

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