Below you will find a list of Lincoln transmissions by year, model, and engine size.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission Model
AVIATOR2003-20065 SP RWD/4X4V8 4.6L5R55S
BLACK WOOD20024 SP RWDV8 5.4L4R100
CONTINENTAL2001-20024 SP FWDV8 4.6L4F50N
LS2000-20025 SP RWDV6 3.0L V8 3.9L5R55N
LS2003-20065 SP RWDV6 3.0L V8 3.9L5R55S
MKC2012-20146 SP FWDL4 2.0L6F35
MARK LT2006-20074 SP RWD/4X4V8 5.4L4R75E/W
MARK VIII1995-19984 SP RWDV8 4.6L4R70W
MKS2009-20126 SP F/AWDV6 3.5/3.7L6F50/6F55
MKT2009-20126 SP F/AWDV6 3.5L6F50/6F55
MKX2012-20206 SP F/AWDL4.2.0L6F35
MKX2007-20126 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L V6 3.5L6F50
MKX2015-20166 SP F/4WDV6 2.7/3.7L6F55
MKZ20166 SP F/4WDV6 2.9L6F55
MKZ/ZEPHYR2006-20116 SP F/AWDV6 3.0/3.5LAF21
MKZ/ZEPHYR2012-20146 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L6F35
MKZ/ZEPHYR2012-20146 SP F/AWDV6 3.5L 3.7L6F50
MKZ/ZEPHYR2013-2014EVT F/AWDL4 2.0LHF-35
MKZ/ZEPHYR2010-2012CVT F/AWDL4 2.5LHD-10
MARK LT2006-20134 SPV8 5.4L4R75E/W
MARK VIII1995-19984 SP RWDV8 4.6L4R70W
NAVIGATOR2009/1997-2012/20094 SP RWD/4×4V8 5.4LE4OD
NAVIGATOR2001/1998-20044 SP RWD/4×4V8 5.4L4R100
NAVIGATOR2004-20066 SP RWD/4X4V8 5.4LZF 6HP26
NAVIGATOR2009-20126 SP RWD/4X4V8 5.0/5.4L6R80
NAVIGATOR2012 ED6 SP RWD/4X4V8 5.0L6R140
NAVIGATOR2006-20086 SP RWD/4X4V8 5.4L6R75
TOWN CAR1995-20054 SP RWDV8 4.6L4R70W
TOWN CAR2006-20074 SP RWDV8 4.6L4R75E

You can also lookup Lincoln transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.

We hope you find the Lookup Lincoln Transmission by Model Year guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Lincoln.

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