Need to release the emergency parking brake of your BMW manually? Learn how to fix it by following the procedures below.

What You Will Need

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  •  Part number BMW 24507590395


  1. To prevent the vehicle from rolling, secure the wheels before releasing the parking brake.
  2. Place the transmission gear selector in the Park position.manually-release-bmw-park-emergency-brakes
  3. Open the trunk, lift the trunk board, and locate the emergency
  4. Remove the BMW emergency parking brake release tool (BMW 24507590395) from the emergency
  5. Insert the BMW parking brake tool on the release pin located behind the panel on the side of the
  6. Pull the release tool up. You will need to pull hard on the release pin. The parking brake is hard to release

BMW Parking Brake Stuck

  • Parking brake stuck OFF – If your BMW parking brakes fail in the released position, you will not be able to set the parking brakes next time you park.
  • Parking brakes stuck ON – If your BMW parking brake gets stuck in the engaged position, you will not be able to get the car out of the park or drive. Manually release the parking brake and drive. See the instructions above on how to release BMW parking brakes manually.

How do you release the BMW parking brake?

To manually release BMW parking brakes in emergencies, you will need a handle for an emergency parking brake called the F Handle. It is located in the trunk.

We hope you find the Manually Release BMW Emergency Parking Brake guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a 2011 520d sedan. I can’t find the manual release switch in the boot on the right side or anywhere else. Any idea where it is?