Troubleshooting Mitsubishi SRS Airbag Warning Light

Mitsubishi Airbag System Service Required – SRS Warning Light

The Mitsubishi SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), also known as the airbag light, is an important safety feature in your vehicle that alerts you to any malfunctions in the airbag system. If the airbag system service required message comes on, it means an issue with the airbag system must be addressed. In some cases, the SRS light may need to reset, but in other cases, it may require professional service to diagnose and repair the issue. Ignoring the SRS light can put you and your passengers at risk in an accident. It’s recommended to have the issue resolved as soon as possible to ensure the proper functioning of your Mitsubishi’s airbag system.

The Mitsubishi airbag warning light stays on to notify the driver that the airbags may not deploy if you get in an accident. The airbag or SRS light stays on when the Supplement Restraint System (SRS) detects a malfunction. If the airbags don’t deploy during an accident, you or your passengers may suffer serious injuries.


mitsubishi airbag light service required lancer outlander
  • The Mitsubishi airbag light stays on.
  • Warning: Mitsubishi airbag system service required
  • SRS Malfunction Error
  • Red symbol on dash with the seat belt on

How to reset the airbag light on a Mitsubishi


The instructions below work on any 1996 and newer Mitsubishi vehicles, including the Outlander, Galant, Mirage, Lancer, Eclipse, etc. For this procedure, you will need an Airbag OBD2 Scanner. The YOUCANIC Full System Scanner can read and clear fault codes through your vehicle’s SRS control module.

  1. Plug the Mitsubishi airbag scanner into the OBD2 port under the dashboard and driver’s side.Diagnose mitsubishi airbag light
  2. Turn on the ignition and allow the scanner to power on.diagnose reset mitrsuibshi airbag light warning
  3. Select your Mitsubishi model and year. For example, in 2017, Lancer.
  4. Select SRS / Airbag Control unit from the main menu.
  5. Select Read Fault Codes. Write down all the codes and also make sure they are NOT PRESENT.
  6. Go back to the main menu and select Clear Fault Codes.

You should only clear Mitsubishi airbag fault codes if they are in Stored or Past status. Do not clear Current, Active, or Present codes without fixing the problem. Typically even if you try to erase present Mitsubishi airbag codes, they return as soon as you restart the car.

Common Problems

Ford Clock Spring Replacement Guide

Two of the most common problems that trigger the Mitsubishi airbag lights are defective clock springs or an issue with the passenger weight sensor. Here is a complete list of the most common problems that trigger Mitsubishi airbag lights:

  • User Error – The owner accidentally disconnected the airbag or airbag sensor and then turned on the ignition. Use the YOUCANIC scanner to clear the codes.
  • Clockspring – If your horn or steering wheel buttons are not working, plus your airbag light is on, the chances are that you have a bad clock spring.
  • Airbag wires damaged – Airbag wires under the passenger seat can get damaged.
  • Passenger seat weight sensor – It is installed under the seat cushion and often fails. It may be part of a recall, so call your dealer to check.
  • Low voltage – SRS airbag light can be triggered when you jump-start a dead car battery.
  • Previous accident – Even a small accident may be recorded in the SRS module triggering the airbag light to come on. You may need to have a specialist reset the Mitsubishi SRS module, which you can easily do by ordering this service on eBay.

Airbag Recall

Mitsubishi vehicles were impacted by the Takata airbag problems that affected many manufacturers.

One way to find out is to call your local Mitsubishi dealer and check if your vehicle is affected. You can also contact Mitsubishi Customer Relations by phone at (888) 648-7820.

If your Mitsubishi is affected by the recall, your dealer will fix the problem free of charge even if the warranty has expired.

Below is a list of vehicles that have been part of the Mitsubishi airbag recall.

  • 2004 to 2007 Lancer/Lancer Sportback/Lancer Evolution
  • 2006 to 2009 Raider
  • 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 i-MiEV

Even if your vehicle is not on this list, we recommend you call and check with your Mitsubishi dealer or visit the Mitsubishi recall website.

Learn how to troubleshoot the problem and know how to fix it using by following the procedures below. This guide will discuss the common problems that trigger the Mitsubishi airbag light or the SRS light. We hope you find the Troubleshooting Mitsubishi SRS Airbag Warning Light guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mitsubishi.


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