Have you lost your Cadillac keys? Or are you looking for a spare key? Follow the procedures below to learn how to order a new Cadillac key fob.

How to Order New Cadillac Key

  1. Locate a Cadillac dealer near you.
  2. Call the closest dealer and ask to be connected to the parts department. Provide your VIN and ask for a quote for a new key. A VIN is composed of seventeen characters. It can be found on the lower-left corner of the windshield or the sticker on the driver’s door frame.
  3. Take your car registration, title, and driver’s license, and head to the nearest Cadillac dealer. You don’t need to bring the car to the dealer when you place the order for a new key.
  4. Pay for a new Cadillac key. The new key will have the transmitter and emergency key. The dealer can order new Cadillac keys if you have lost all the keys based on your vehicle’s VIN number.
  5. Wait for the new key to arrive. Most likely, the Cadillac dealer will have the transmitter in stock. The emergency key may need to be ordered and can take between three and four days to be delivered to your dealer.
  6. Once the keys are at your dealer, you must take your Cadillac to the dealer to get the keys programmed. This is an extra cost; therefore, check with the service department to get a quote on how much it will cost to program the new keys. The cost to program Cadillac keys varies between models. On older models, you may be able to program keys yourself. Search for instructions online.

These are instructions on how to order a new Cadillac key from the dealer. The dealer is the best option for getting a key if your Cadillac is a newer model. If your Cadillac is an older model year, you can save money by ordering a replacement key from a locksmith.

When you order a Cadillac key, you can order the transmitter only, which typically costs $200-$300. Most Cadillac dealers often stock the transmitter.

You will need to order the emergency metal key, which needs to be cut to your car. The cost for the emergency key ranges from $50-$90.

Order Cadillac Keys from Locksmith

If your Cadillac is over five years old, you should be able to get a new key from a local locksmith. Small locksmiths may not have the equipment to make keys for all Cadillacs. Calling more than one locksmith to find one specializing in GM cars is beneficial.

Making keys for a Cadillac at a locksmith is cheaper than buying the key from the dealer. The Cadillac dealer may charge extra to program the key, while a locksmith will give you a fixed price to make and program the key. Tools such as SBB Key Programmer can be used to program new Cadillac keys.

We hope you find this guide, “Order New Cadillac Key Fob,” helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Cadillac vehicle.

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