Rear Window Wiper Motor Replacement Guide

Rear Window Wiper Motor Replacement Guide

Is your Mitsubishi rear wiper not working properly due to a faulty wiper motor? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing the trunk wiper motor of your Mitsubishi. Here are instructions for replacing the rear wiper motor in a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander. The procedure in this guide may be similar to other makes and models.

It is a simple repair, and even with little to no automotive repair knowledge, it can be done. Just follow this guide, and the rear wipers of your Mitsubishi will be working again!


  • 10mm deep socket and ratchet
  • Paint marker
  • Wiper arm puller
  • Trim tools


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  • 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander rear wiper motor


  1. From the outside of the vehicle, by hand, pry the plastic cap off of the rear wiper arm where it pivots, exposing a 10mm nut that attaches the arm to the motor.
  2. Remove the nut with a ratchet and socket. Hold the wiper arm with one hand to prevent torque from being transferred to the arm.Mitsubishi outlander rear wiper motor
  3. Once the nut is removed, mark where the arm lines up onto the stud with paint or marker.rear wiper
  4. Remove the wiper arm from the stud using a wiper arm puller. You can also pry it off but do so at your own risk. This could cause damage to the glass or warping of the stud or arm.
  5. Open the trunk and use a trim tool to carefully pry the plastic cover from the inside of the trunk. Plastic push-in retainers hold it in. Pop them out and remove the plastic cover.
  6. The wiper motor will now be exposed. Remove the electrical connector from the motor. Push down on the plastic tab and pull it out.
  7. Three bolts hold in the wiper motor, remove the bolts and pull the wiper motor out.
  8. Install the new wiper motor. Ensure the rubber grommet seals when pushing the new motor through the glass.
  9. Reverse the procedure. When reinstalling the arm back onto the new motor stud. Refer to the line placement that was on the old motor spline. Try to close it and ensure the arm sits parallel to the horizon.
  10. Make sure the new wiper motor works. You’re all done!

Is my wiper motor failing?

There are signs that indicate pretty clearly if a wiper motor is failing.

rear wiper motor replacement

These may include the blades moving slower than they normally would, only one speed working, the wipers not moving at all, or not parking in the correct position. Replacing the wiper motor is a good idea if any of these happen.


rear wiper motor replacement

We hope you find the Rear Window Wiper Motor Replacement Guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mitsubishi.

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