Volkswagen Jetta Change the Low Beam Light Bulb

replacing vw jetta low beam light

Is your Volkswagen Jetta low beam light not working? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing the low-beam light bulb of your Volkswagen. This guide provides instructions on replacing the low beam bulb on a Volkswagen Jetta, sixth-generation (A6, Type 5C6) model years 2011–2018.

You will need

  • VW Jetta low beam bulb.
    • Typically H7, but it can also be HID.


  1. Open the hood, and locate the bulb you need to replace.
  2. Pull the cover off. This is to protect the bulb.
  3. Unplug the wire from the back of the bulb holder, and remove the bulb.
  4. Replace the bulb.
  5. Reconnect the wire and put the bulb holder back in the headlight housing.
  6. Test the low and high beams because it is a dual filament bulb.

You’re done!

We hope you find the Volkswagen Jetta Change the Low Beam Light Bulb guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volkswagen.

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