Is your Volkswagen Jetta parking light not working? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing the parking light of your Volkswagen. This guide provides instructions on replacing the parking light on a Volkswagen Jetta.  However, this procedure will work for most cars and Volkswagen models.

On Volkswagen models especially, it is not as clear how to replace these bulbs. It makes it difficult for the average person to perform this task, and often people resort to taking their vehicle to a mechanic. Follow this guide, and you will be able to tackle this bulb replacement on your own, saving time and money.

What you will need

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  • Parking light bulb


  • Gloves


  1. Open the hood. First, pull the hood release under the dashboard, and the driver’s side. Next, go to the front of the vehicle, pull the lever, and lift the hood.
  2. Locate which side the faulty bulb is on. Remember, the driver’s side is left, and the passenger’s side is right.
  3. The parking light is on the bottom of the headlight. It has a plastic cover on the headlight that must be removed first. Remove it by turning it counterclockwise.
  4. Now the connector holding the bulb will be exposed. Turn this connector counterclockwise and pull it out of the headlamp to access the bulb.
  5. Remove the old bulb by holding the connector with one hand, pressing down on the bulb, and turning counterclockwise. Pull the bulb out and remove it.
  6. Replace the old bulb with the new one. NOTE: It is important the glass of the new bulb is not touched by hand; use a clean glove or towel to put it in. Any grease or oil from the hands will lead to premature failure of the bulb by causing a hot spot in it.
  7. Put the connector back in the headlight assembly, being careful not to hit the bulb on anything. Turn the connector clockwise once it is back in the headlight fixture. Give it a wiggle to make sure it is secure.
  8. Place the parking light cover back on and turn it clockwise to secure it.
  9. Be sure to test the parking lots and make sure they are now fully functioning.
  10. Once the lights are now working, close the hood, you’re done!

Help I replaced my bulbs, and only one side of my parking lights is working! What is wrong?

If the parking lights were not working, the bulbs were replaced, and they are still not working, a deeper electrical issue may cause this. Start by checking the fuses that go to the parking lamps. If the fuses are good, some electrical work may be needed. Check to see if the power goes to the headlight switch and out to the bad parking lamps. It could be a bad headlight switch.

What parking light bulb do I need for my car?

Most places that sell automotive bulbs will be able to look them up for you. Alternatively, if there is no one to look them up, a catalog will be available for making and models of vehicles and their corresponding bulb numbers. Looking up a vehicle’s year, make and model online with the bulb needed will usually yield the right results. Call the dealership for a part number or take the vehicle to a shop if all else fails.

We hope you find the Volkswagen Jetta Parking Light Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volkswagen.

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