If your BMW is equipped with a Start/Stop button, you may wonder how you turn on the dashboard lights, radio, and cigarette outlet without starting the car.

You would turn the key one click on older BMWs, the position I, also known as the accessory position. This guide will teach you how to turn BMW accessories on (not start the engine) if your car has START/STOP. The procedure to turn the BMW ignition on is straightforward.

BMW has Automatic Transmission

  1. Get into the car.
  2. Do not press the brake pedal.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button. Twice if necessary.
  4. Ignition will turn on; the engine will not start.

BMW has Manual Transmission

  1. Get into the car
  2. Do not press the clutch pedal.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button
  4. BMW ignition will turn on but will not start.

Make sure not to keep the ignition on for a long time as it could drain the battery. This will cause your BMW battery to die, and you won™t be able to start the car without jump-starting it.

If you plan on keeping the ignition on for more than 10 minutes, such as for diagnostics, etc., connect a battery trickle charger to the jump terminals under the hood. Avoid radio, heating, and other accessories when the ignition is on, and the car is not running.

We hope you find the How to Turn BMW Ignition ON without Starting Engine guide helpful. For more help, check these troubleshooting and repair guides for your BMW vehicle.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OK it works on my 2020 x3…..BUT once finished listening how do I turn it off? Pushing the button again once, twice, three times…DOES NOT WORK. Only thing I can do is open the door, step out and then lock the car from the outside…..but all I want to do is just sit in the car.