Lookup Volvo Transmission by Model, Year

Locate Volvo transmission by model year

Below you will find a list of Volvo transmissions by year, model, and engine size.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission ModelDescription
2401985-19324 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 70 
2401992-19934 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 70L03-70L
7401985-19904 SP RWDL4 2.3L TURBOAW 7125993
7401985-19914 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 7025628
7401990-19924 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 70L03-70L
7401990-19924 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 72L03-72L
7401990-19924 SP RWDL4 2.3L TURBOAW 71L03-71L
7601985-19904 SP RWDL4 2.3L TURBOAW 7125993
7601985-19904 SP RWDV6 2.8LAW 7125993
7801987-19904 SP RWDL4 2.3L TURBOAW 7125993
7801987-19904 SP RWDV6 2.8LAW 7125993
7801993-19974 SP FWDL5 2.4L/2.3LAW 50-4050-40
9401991-19974 SP RWDL4 2.3LAW 72L03-72L
9401991-19974 SP RWDL4 2.3L TURBOAW 71L03-71L
9601993-19974 P RWDL6 2.9LAW 40 (A341E)AW 30-40LE
40 SERIES2000-20014 SP FWDL4 1.9LAW 50-42LEAW 50-42
40 SERIES2002-20075 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.9L L5 2.4L/2.5LAW 55-50SN 
50 SERIES2005-20075 SP FWD/AWDL5 2.4L/2.5LAW55-50SN 
60 SERIES EXCEPT BELOW2001-20075 SP FWD/AWDL5 2.3L/2.4L/2.5LAW 55-50SN 
70 SERIES1998-20004 SP FWDL5 2.4L/2.3LAW 50-42LEAW 50-42
70 SERIES EXCEPT BELOW2001-20075 SP FWD/AWDL5 2.3L/2.4L/2.5LAW 55-50SN 
80 SERIES1999-20024 SP FWDL6 2.5L4T65E 
80 SERIES1999-20044 SP FWDL6 2.9LAW 50-42LEAW 50-42
80 SERIES2004-20065 SP FWD/AWDL5 2.5LAW 55-50SN 
80 SERIES20076 SP FWD/AWDL6 3.2L V8 4.4LTF-80SC 
90 SERIES1997-19984 SP RWDL6 3.0LAW 40 (A341E)AW 30-40LE
90 SERIES2003-20044 SP AWDL6 2.9LAW 50-42LEAW 50-42
90 SERIES2003-20065 SP FWD/AWDL4 2.5LAW 55-50SN 
90 SERIES2006-20076 SP AWDL6 3.2L V8 4.4LTF-80SC 
C30/C30 R2007-20125 SP FWD/AWDT5 2.4L/2.5LAW 55-51SN 
C30/C30 R2009-20126 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.6L/2.0LMPS6(6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
C30/C30 R2010-20126 SP F/AWDT5 2.4LTF-80SC 
C702000-20125 SP F/AWDT5 2.3L/2.4L/2.5LAW 55-51SN 
C701998-20054 SP FWDT5 2.0LAW 50-40LEAW 50-42
CROSS COUNTRY2000-20135 SP AWDL5 2.4LAW 55-50SNAF33-5
S 60 R2006-20076 SP AWDL5 2.5LTF-80SC 
S/V402000-20044 SP FWDL4 1.9L/2.0LAW 50-40LE 
S/V402000-20045 SP F/AWDL4 1.8/1.9/2.4/2.5LAW 55-50SN 
S/V602005-20126 SP F/AWDT5 2.0/2.4/V6 3.0/3.2LTF-81SC 
S/V602005-20136 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.6L/2.0LMPS6(6DCT450)DUPLA EMBREAGEM
S/V7020005 SP FWD/AWDT5 2.4/2.5LAW 50-42LE 
S/V702000-20014 SP FWDT5 2.0LAW 50-40LE 
S/V702000-20085 SP F/AWDT5 2.0/2.3/2.4/2.5LAW 55-50SN 
S402003-20125 SP FWD/AWDT5 2.4L/2.5LAW 55-51SN 
S602000-20095 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L T5 2.0/2.4/2.5LAW 55-51SN 
S602014-20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
S602015-20166 SP FWDL3 1.5L L4 2.0LTF-70SC 
S602015-20186 SP FWDL4 1.5/2.0LTF72SCAWF6F25
S6020187 SP FWDL3 1.5LJL-7 DCT 330F 
S60L2009-20166 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.6L/2.0L L5 2.5LMPS6(6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
S60L2009-20156 SP FWD/AWDL6 3.0LTF-81SC 
S60L2006-20166 SP F/4WDL5 2.0L/2.4L L6 3.0LTF-80SCAF40
S801999-20064 SP FWDL6 2.9L4T65-E 
S8020004 SP FWDL5 2.5LAW 50-42LE 
S802000-20014 SP FWDL5 2.0LAW 50-40LE 
S801998-20165 SP F/AWDL5 2.4/2.5LAW 55-50SNAF33-5
S802006-20146 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L T5 2.0/2.4/2.5LTF-80SC 
S802012-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0L L5 2.0LTF-80SDAF-40
S802010-20146 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.6L/2.0LMPS6(6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
S802014-20168 SP FWDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
S8020168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
S902016-20188 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LTG81LSAWF8F45
S902017-20186 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF72SCAWF6F25
V402014-20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
V402012-20166 SP FWDL4 1.8L/2.4L/2.5L T5MPS6 (6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
V402012-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6L L5 2.0L 2.5LTF-70SD/80SD 
V4020148 SP FWDL4 2.0LTG-81LS 
V402013-20166 SP FWDL3 1.5L L4 1.6/2.0LTF-72SCAWF6F25
V 70 R2006-20076 SP AWDL5 2.5LTF-80SC 
V502005-20125 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.8L/2.4L/2.5L T5AW 55-51SN 
V502005-20125 SP FWD/AWDL5 2.4LAW55-50SNAF33-5
V602010-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6L 2.0LMPS6 (6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
V602012-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0L L5 2.4L L6 3.0LTF-80SD 
V602010-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0L L5 2.4L V6 3.0LTF-81SC 
V602013-20148 SP FWDL4 2.0LTG-81LS 
V602014-20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
V602015-20186 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF80SDAF40
V6020187 SP FWDL4 2.0LJL 7DCT330F 
V701997-20166 SP F/AWDT5 2.4/2.5L V6 3.2LTF-80SC 
V702009-20166 SP FWD/AWDL4 1.6L/2.0LMPS6(6DCT450) 
V702013-20168 SP FWDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG-81LS
V702015-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF-72SCAWF6F25
V902017-20186 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF72SCAWF6F25
V90 XC20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG81-LS
XC402017-2018F/4WDL3 1.5L L4 2.0LJL 7 DCT330F 
XC602008-20166 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L T5 2.4L V6 3.0TF-80SC 
XC602008-20166 SP FWD/AWDL4 2.0LMPS6(6DCT450)DSG MOLHADA
XC602013-20146 SP FWDL4 2.0LMPS6i (6DCT451)DSG MOLHADA
XC602011-20166 SP F/4WDL4 2.0L L5 2.0L/2.5LTF-80SDAF40
XC602014-20166 SP 4WDL5 2.5LTF-81SC 
XC602014-20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0L L5 2.4LAWF8F45TG-81LS
XC602017-20187 SP FWDL4 2.0LJL 7 DCT 330F 
XC702007-20166 SP F/AWDT5 2.4L V6 3.0L/3.2LTF-80SCAF-40
XC702011-20168 SP FWDL4 2.0L L5 2.0/2.5LAWF8F45TG-81LS
XC901997-19984 SP RWDL6 3.0LAW 40 (A341E)AW 30-40LE
XC902002-20064 SP AWDL6 2.9L4T65-E 
XC902002-20145 SP F/AWDT5 2.4L/2.5LAW 55-50SNAF33-5
XC902002-20165 SP 4WDL5 2.5LAW55-51SN 
XC902004-20146 SP F/AWDT5 2.4L V6 3.0L/3.2LTF-80SC 
XC9020168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F35TG80-LS
XC902015-20168 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LAWF8F45TG81-LS

You can also look up Volvo transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.

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