Paint Code Location Honda

honda paint code location

If you are looking for touch up paint for your Honda (Acord, Fit, Civic etc) you will need to know the paint code.

In this article, you will learn how to find the paint code for your Honda. At the bottom of the article, you will also find a table that shows corresponding color name for all Honda paint codes. 

Honda Paint Code Location / Sticker

Honda paint code is located in the Service Tag. Look for this tag on the driver's side door jamb.

The service tag contains the VIN number and color code (e.g. NH-797M). The paint code is at the bottom of the sticker as shown in the picture. The code has letters and numbers. This is the factory paint code. 

honda paint code location

If you can access your Honda the simplest way to find the exterior body paint code is to look it up on the sticker found on the door frame. 

Honda color code can be found on the sticker on the driver door jamb. If you don't find the tag also look on the engine bay and firewall. This is the easiest way to paint Honda paint code if you need to match a spray can so that you can paint a fender or bumper yourself. 

Find Honda Paint Code by  VIN

You can also get Honda paint code from the dealer.

  1. Locate a Honda dealer. The dealer doesn't have to be near you and you don't have to have taken the car there before. 
  2. Give the dealer the VIN number and ask them to look up the paint code. 

Where to buy Honda Touch Up Paint? 

You may be wondering how you can get some touch-up paint to repair rock chip or scratches on your Honda.

You will need the color code for that. Once you get your paint code you can buy spray paint that matches your car. 

Custom Mixed Honda Spray Paint

Honda Color Codes


Color Code Color Description
311607 Candy Red Metallic
B506M Ice Blue Metallic
B530M Ocean Mist Metallic
B531M Crystal Aqua Metallic
B532P Opulent Blue Pearl
B536P, B536P-4 Royal Blue Pearl
B537M, B537M-4 Atomic Blue Metallic
B538M Bluish Silver Metallic/Glacier Blue Metallic
B548P Blue Sensation Pearl
B549M Tidewater Blue Metallic
B551P Belize Blue Pearl
B552P Bali Blue Pearl
B553P Vortex Blue Pearl
B561P Dyno Blue Pearl
B562P Omni Blue Pearl
B563M Aozora Blue Metallic
B568M Azure Blue Metallic
B572P Mediterranean Blue Pearl
B91M Crystal Blue Metallic
B92P, B92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl
BG53M Clear Sky Blue Metallic
G530M Mystic Green Metallic
G532M Opal Sage Metallic
GY26P Premium Night Desert Gold
NH193P White Pearl
NH295M Sparkling Silver Metallic
NH578 Taffeta White
NH603P White Diamond Pearl
NH623M Satin Silver Metallic
NH624P Premium White Pearl
NH642M Storm Silver Metallic
NH674P Cosmic Gray Pearl
NH676M Moon Rock Metallic
NH679M Slate Green Metallic
NH684P Magnetic Pearl/Sparkle Gray Pearl
NH686M Lakeshore Silver Metallic
NH700M, NH700M - 4, NH700M-4 Alabaster Silver Metallic
NH701M, NH701M-4 Galaxy Gray Metallic
NH711M Whistler Silver Metallic
NH731P Crystal Black Pearl
NH736M Volcano Gray Metallic
NH737M Polished Metal Metallic
NH743M Buran Silver Metallic
NH756P Spectrum White Pearl
NHA16P Pearl Cool White Metallic
PB83P Blackberry Pearl
R513, R513 - 4, R513-4 Rallye Red
R525P, R525P-4 Tango Red Pearl
R529P Dark Cherry Pearl
R530P Basque Red Pearl
R537M Star Garnet Metallic
R538P Midnight Red Pearl
R539P Passion Red Pearl
R81 Milano Red
R94, R94-3 San Marino Red
Y66P Vivid Yellow Pearl
YR524M Naples Gold Metallic
YR559M Champagne Silver Metallic
YR566M Borrego Beige Metallic
YR571P New Deep Bronze Pearl
YR573M Mocha Metallic
YR574M Bold Beige Metallic
YR575M Tuscan Beige Metallic
YR576M Orange Revolution Metallic
YR577P Redline Orange Pearl
YR578M Urban Titanium Metallic
YR579M Citrus Fire Metallic
YR582P Premium Hidamari Ivory Pearl


If you need to see images of each of the colors listed here visit Automotive Touchup here

Location by Model

Honda fit paint code location Driver's side door jamb
Honda s2000 paint code location Driver's side door jamb
Honda ridgeline paint code location Driver's side door jamb
Honda element paint code location Driver's side door jamb




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Mike M. made a comment.
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You either need to get the color code from the sticker on the car or call your Honda dealer and they can look it up with the VIN number.

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This is very helpful, especially the list of colours.


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