BMW Door Switch Replace

BMW Window Switch Replacement | DIY with Pictures

Is your BMW window switch not working? Learn how to replace the window switch on a BMW. A defective BMW window switch is one of the main reasons a BMW window won’t go up and down.

A BMW window switch may stop working due to normal wear or if rain falls on the window switch when the window is left open. In both cases, BMW windows won’t go up and down, and the door lock/unlock feature may not work.

What you will need

  • BMW Window Switch
  • Mechanic Toolset Metric
  • Torx Bits Set
  • Dashboard Trim Removal


  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal. The battery in most BMWs is located in the trunk on the passenger side.

  • Remove the door panel. Remove the screws that hold the door panel in place.


    bmw window switch removal

  • Pull out the airbag label.remove airbag label
  • Behind the label, you will find a Torx screw that needs to be removed.remove torx screw from bmw door panel access window switch
  • There is also a Phillips screw that needs to be window switch replacement Watch the following clip to learn how to perform this step.

  • Release the door handle. Disconnect the door handle release door panel removed
  • Remove the door switch from the door panel. There are two nuts that need to be removed. Next, press on the retainers and, at the same time, push the window switch out. bmw window switch removal diy bmw 1 3 5 6 7 x1 x3 x7 series
  • Install the new windows switch. Reinstall the door panel in reverse.
  • The typical cost to change the BMW window switch at the dealership is $350 to $550. The cost of changing the BMW door window switches at home is under $100.

    If the button has come off your window switch, replace only the buttons with new caps. There is no need to remove the door panel and the window switch.

    We hope you find the BMW Window Switch Replacement | DIY with Pictures guide helpful. Check out these vehicle repair guides for more help troubleshooting and repairing your BMW.

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