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Audi Check Brake Fluid Level & Add Brake Fluid

Is a brake fluid warning light illuminated on your Audi dashboard, or does the brake pedal feel soft? Learn how to fix it by checking and adding brake fluid to your Audi.

What you will need

  • OEM Audi Brake Fluid
    • Only use the brake fluid type printed on top of your particular brake fluid reservoir. The recommended brake fluid type is also listed in your owner’s manual.
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  1. Pull the hood release under the dashboard of your Audi. Open the hood and secure it in the open position.
  2. Locate the brake fluid reservoir in the engine bay near the wiper arm on the driver’s side.audi brake fluid reservoir On newer Audi vehicles, the brake fluid reservoir is covered with a black plastic cover that needs to be removed to reveal the brake fluid reservoir. audi brake fluid reservoir location
  3. Look at the side of the reservoir. Check if the level is between the maximum and minimum marks on the side of the reservoir. Add brake fluid if the brake fluid is below the minimum level. brake fluid reservoir audi
  4. Look at the brake fluid reservoir cap and determine the correct brake fluid type.
  5. Remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise.
  6. Add brake fluid until the level reaches below the MAX/Full mark. Do not fill the Audi brake reservoir above the maximum mark.

Note that an Audi brake light staying on at startup can indicate a problem with the brake system, but it can sometimes be an issue with the charging system or battery. If the voltage from the alternator or battery is too low, it can trigger the brake light to stay on.

In this guide, you found instructions on checking Audi brake fluid levels and adding brake fluid on most Audi models, including the A3, A4, S, Q3, Q5, Q7, and TT.

Your Audi should not lose brake fluid regularly. If you are losing brake fluid, have the brake system checked by a mechanic immediately.

If your Audi brake warning light (or ABS light) is flashing while driving or at startup, stop and check the brake fluid level. Driving with the brake light on can put you, your passenger, and others at risk.


  • Low Brake Fluid Warning
  • Brake Light On
  • The brake pedal is soft.
  • The brake pedal can be pressed all the way.
  • ABS light stays on or flashing

We hope you found this guide Audi Check Brake Fluid Level & Add Brake Fluid, helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your vehicle.

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