Troubleshooting Porsche Airbag Light Problems

Troubleshooting Porsche Airbag Light Problems

Is your Porsche Airbag Warning Light on? Know the cause of why the airbag light is on and learn the possible solutions to fix and remove the airbag warning light. It is important to note that, unlike a check engine light, the airbag light cannot be reset by itself and requires an airbag scanner and no active codes to reset.

What Does a Porsche Airbag Light Mean

When a Porsche airbag light stays on, the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) detects a problem with the airbag system. If your airbag light stays on, the airbags may not deploy if you were to get in an accident.

Porsche airbag lights may come on when a vehicle is taken out of storage because the battery voltage may have dropped below 9 volts (dead battery, jump start) due to a damaged crash sensor behind the front bumper or for many other reasons. You and your passengers will be at higher risk of injury or even death if you drive with the airbag light on and get in an accident.


  • The Porsche airbag light stays on
  • Airbag Fault Messages
    • System fault airbag
    • Check passenger seat setting


Any of the following problems can trigger the Porsche airbag light to stay on.

  • Low battery voltage
  • Dead battery
  • Clockspring
  • Passenger seat sensor (AWS Occupancy Sensor)
  • Damaged airbag wiring harness
  • Previous accident
  • SRS Module Defective
  • Disconnecting the airbag wire and turning on the ignition
  • Broken crash sensor behind bumpers
  • Removing or replacing the battery
  • Misconfiguration of the airbag module

To narrow down this problem, read the fault codes from the SRS module. See the instructions in the next section.

How to Diagnose Porsche Airbag Light

You will need a Porsche scanner, such as the YOUCANIC Full System Scanner, to read the fault codes from the SRS/ Airbag module and find out why the airbag light is on.

  1. Locate the diagnostic port under the dashboard and plugin your Porsche scanner.diagnostic port to reset porsche airbag light
  2. Turn on the ignition.porsche airbag light reset instruction require ignition on
  3. Allow the scanner to power on. Select your Porsche model from the menu.porsche airbag light reset tool
  4. Select SRS/Airbag module. Next select Read Fault Codes. You will get fault codes such as drivers’ airbag stage 1 below limit/ value. Write down the codes. Verify they are STORED in status.

Go back to the main menu ”. Next select Clear Fault Codes.

If the codes do not clear, the codes are in the present status. Fix the problem related to the fault code, then try the reset procedure again.

You can only reset the Porsche airbag light if codes are in STORED status. For example, a fault trigged during a jump start can be cleared. A code triggered because you accidentally unplugged an airbag wire can be cleared as long as the wire is reconnected.

PRESENT fault codes (also known as CURRENT DTC codes) will need to be fixed before you can clear the airbag light. You won’t be able to clear the Porsche airbag light if a code is present. For example, a deployed airbag code can not be cleared until the airbag is replaced and crash data is cleared. If you try resetting the Porsche airbag light with a fault code, the light will return as soon as you restart the vehicle.

Common Problems

Porsche engine

Let’s take a more in-depth look at common problems that trigger Porsche airbag lights to come on.


A common problem that triggers the Porsche airbag light to come on is low battery voltage. Also Porsche airbag light may come on when you jump-start a dead battery.

The airbag light comes on because the low voltage is detected, and the airbag module stores a fault code to record this event. Airbags do not work properly if the voltage is critically low. The problem is that the light remains on even after replacing or charging the battery, and the code does not reset.

The good news is that if the Porsche airbag light was triggered due to low battery voltage, you could reset the light with a scanner that can read and clear Porsche airbag codes.

Previous Accident

Porsche airbag light will stay on if you are involved in an accident. There are typically two reasons why this may happen.

One is that crash codes are stored in the airbag module. Crash data can not be cleared even with a Porsche scanner. They will need to be reset by a specialist that performs Porsche airbag module reset on eBay, or the other option is to replace the airbag module, which is a very expensive repair.

Another possibility is that the seat belt tensioners have been deployed. They will need to be replaced before you reset Porsche’s airbag light.

AWS Occupancy Sensor

The AWS occupancy sensor is located under the passenger front seat. It detects if a person is seated in the passenger seat and if the person is a child or an adult. The passenger sensor can fail, which triggers the airbag warning light on your Porsche dashboard. The sensor may also need to be calibrated from time to time or if the passenger seat is removed.

Porsche Airbag Scan Tool


You will need a scanner to access the airbag module to diagnose the Porsche airbag light. Most generic scanners you buy at auto parts stores don’t work and will not show a fault code stored in the airbag module. When you read codes with a generic scanner that can’t access the airbag / SRS module, no-fault codes will show even though the airbag light is on.

The YOUCANIC Full System Scanner can diagnose all trouble codes on every control module of your Porsche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset Porsche’s airbag light by disconnecting the battery?

No. You can not reset the Porsche airbag light by disconnecting the battery.

Why can’t I reset Porsche’s airbag light?

You can not clear the airbag light because there are fault codes in the airbag module. You need to fix the problem and then clear the codes. For example, if you replace the steering wheel, there is a chance the wires to the airbag are not connected properly. You will need to remove the airbag and press the connector all the way in. Once that is done, the codes will change from PRESENT to STORED status. You can now use the scanner to reset the Porsche airbag light. Remember, you also need an OBD-II scanner that can reset airbag codes and works on Porsche vehicles.

Can I reset Porsche’s airbag light with a generic scanner?


We hope you find the Troubleshooting Porsche Airbag Light Problems guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Porsche.


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