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Submitted by Jürgen Gerdom on July 22, 2021
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Can't Set Analog Clock Time - Permanent Fix


In 2006-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class / CL-Class the clock shows the wrong time and can't be set if there's a GPS connection.


  • The date and clock will not reset
  • Can't set time via COMAND
  • The analog clock shows the wrong time
  • The clock doesn't sync with COMAND 
  • The analog clock shows the wrong time
  • The analog clock won't adjust after making changes

This problem affects all S-Class W221 models, including S550, S400, S500, and C216 models such as CL550, etc. 


First, try this solution: 

  1. Power off the command unit, lock the vehicle, and let the car parked for a few hours. 
  2. Unlock the vehicle and enter the car. 
  3. Turn on the ignition lights but don't start the engine. If you have the START button, press it without pressing the brakes. 
  4. Turn on COMAND.
  5. Go to the time date settings.
  6. Adjust the date and time, then confirm. 

These steps must be completed within one minute. 

The above solution doesn't always work. 

If that is your case, the only permanent solution is to apply a patch to the COMAND, which fixes this issue and allows you to change the time anytime without any restrictions. 

  1. First, download this patch and burn it on a new DVD:
  2. Eject all CDs and DVDs from the drive.
  3. Put the created DVD in the drive-in position 1.
  4. Go to vehicle settings in COMAND.
  5. Switch off the display
  6. With the display off, press the "*" key (which is called the favorite key) and at the same time move the dial to the right (but don't turn the dial or press it, press it to the right), keep both pressed, and then press the massage and mute keys.
  7. Now the developer menu opens, and you can navigate in it with the rotary control.
  8. Go to software update, press to confirm.
  9. Now it takes five to ten minutes, an error message will appear, but you can ignore it.
  10. After that, the Comand will show errors in the Star Diagnostic; you have to delete them the next time the diagnostic device is connected. But everything works, including the clock


  • S-Class W221
    • S350
    • S550
    • S600
    • S400 Hybrid
    • S63 AMG
    • etc
  • CL-Class C216
    • All models

Model Years

  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013