Need to replace your Honda steering wheel and airbag? Follow the procedures below to learn how to replace the steering wheel and airbag. The video and steps are based on the 2014 Honda Civic.

What you will need

  • Honda Airbag
  • Torx Socket Set
  • 10mm open-end wrench
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Gloves


  1. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Wait 15 minutes.  open hood disconnect battery then replace honda airbag
  2. Remove two Torx T-25 bolts on each side of the steering airbag removal change screw
  3. Pry out the plastic cover at the bottom of the steering wheel. This will expose the airbag connector. Disconnect the yellow airbag connector and horn wire.disconnect honda airbag
  4. Remove the airbag from the Honda steering wheel by pulling it out. Keep your body 2ft away from the airbag. Handle your Honda airbag with care. remove honda airbag
  5. Install new airbag in reverse order. install honda airbag

Risk of injury. The airbag may ignite accidentally if not handled with care.
Connect a new airbag before turning on the ignition.


  • These instructions will help you replace a deployed Honda airbag. Your Honda airbag (SRS) light will remain on even after replacing the airbag. You need to use an OBD2 Airbag Scanner to reset the airbag light.
  • Wait for at least fifteen minutes before working on the airbag system.
  • Handle airbags with care.

I replaced my Honda airbag, but the airbag light won’t reset

To clear the airbag light, a Honda Airbag Scanner is needed. IN MOST CASES, THE generic OBD-II scanner cannot read airbag codes and clear them. Airbag fault codes can not be cleared if crash data is stored in the module.


We hope you find the Honda Replace Steering Wheel & Airbag guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Honda.

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