Setting the TPMS of an Audi Vehicle

Audi Reset Tire Pressure Light – TPMS – MMI

Does a tire pressure light illuminate your Audi dashboard after putting air on your tires? Learn how to reset the tire pressure light on your Audi vehicle.

The recommended tire pressure is printed on the label on the driver’s door. In most cases, the recommended tire pressure will be 35 PSI. Once the pressure has been set to the recommended PSI, it is time to reset your Audi TPMS light.

How to Reset Audi TPMS Light via MMI

Follow these instructions to reset the Audi tire pressure warning if your car has Multi-Media Interface (MMI).

  1. Press the START button to power on the car. It is not necessary to start the start to reset audi tpms
  2. Press CAR in the center console car on mmi to reset audi tire pressure
  3. Select Tire Pressure Monitoringreset audi tire pressure manually
  4. You will see a message “If the pressure of all 4 tires has been checked and adjusted correctly, please store.”
  5. Select YES, and you are done.

If the tire pressure cannot be reset, there is a possibility that your Audi TPMS Tire Pressure Sensor is faulty. You must replace the defective TPMS sensor before resetting the TPMS warning. This is necessary if you get a warning on the dashboard, such as “Underinflated tire; check all four tires and reset TPMS in MMI.

We hope you find this guide on Audi Reset Tire Pressure Light – TPMS – MMI helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Audi vehicle.


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