Where to Find Lexus Paint Code

Where to Find Lexus Paint Code

Need to paint a new part of your Lexus with its original color? Learn how to locate the paint code location of your Lexus by following the procedures below.

This guide will help you find the locations where you can find the paint codes of your Lexus. To find the paint code of your Lexus, open the driver’s door and look at the sticker with the VIN. Below the VIN, you will see C/TR. The next two or three letters after C/TR are the paint code.

When checking on the door jamb, it will contain letters like C/TR: 6V0 DG09 on the VIN sticker. For example, in this Lexus LS, the paint code can be found on the driver’s door. The paint code is 172.


In this Lexus ES350, the paint code is 8U0.

Lexus paint code location

In this 2007-Lexus-GS-350, the paint code is 1F2. The first three letters are right after C/TR.

Lexus paint location

Alternatively, you can also call your dealer and ask them for the color code. The Lexus dealer can look up the color code by VIN.

Hence, the color code is essential while you look for getting a paint touch-up for your Lexus. Before you order the paint for your Lexus, you need to have the exact paint code ready with you.

List of most common Lexus Paint Codes.

Code Paint Name
74 Bluish Pearl / Glacier Frost Mica
77 Starfire Pearl
78 Aurora White Pearl
172 Cobalt Blue Metallic
176 Silvermist Metallic
180 Flint Gray Pearl
184 Graphite Metallic
202 Black Onyx
212 Obsidian
214 Black Opal Mica
782 Aqua Metallic
1F2 Mercury Metallic
1G0 Smoky Granite Mica
1G1 Tungsten Pearl
1G5 Opaline Pearl
1G8 Twilight Gray Metallic
1H0, 1HO Silver Opal Mica
1H3 Knights Armour Pearl/Sparkle Solid Gray Metallic
1H9 Mercury Gray Mica
202, U202 Black
217, 9J2 Stargazer Black Metallic
3H8 Burgundy Pearl
3H9 Dark Taupe Metallic
3H9 Grayish Rose Pearl
3R1 Matador Red Mica
3R4 Moon Shell Mica
3R7 Noble Spinel Mica
3S0 Claret Mica
4J1 Almond Beige Pearl
4K8 Dark Brown Pearl
4K8 Dark Walnut Pearl
4K9 Sandstone Beige Metallic
4T0 Amber Pearl
4T1 Golden Almond Metallic
4T2 Tigereye Mica
4T5 Truffle Mica
4U7 Satin Cashmere Metallic/Sleek Ecru Metallic
6K4 Black Jade Pearl
6V0 Verdigris Metallic/Verdigris Mica
6V6 Deep Peridot Mica
8D6 Bluestone Metallic
8G5 Indigo Blue Metallic
8R6 Breakwater Blue Metallic
8T9 Premium Light Blue Metallic
8U0 Black Sapphire Pearl
8U1 Ultrasonic Blue Mica
8U4 Costa Azul Mica
8U9 Cerulean Blue Metallic
8V3, 9H8 Deep-Sea Mica
8V4 Blue Harbor Metallic/Medium Blue Metallic
9AL Deep Garnet Metallic
CO6 Dark Gray Metallic
CO7 Light Gray Beige Metallic
CO8 Dark Blue Gray Metallic
CO9 Red Metallic

We hope you find the Where to Find Lexus Paint Code guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Lexus.

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