Below you will find a list of Alfa Romeo transmissions by year, model, and engine size. Using the Decoder Tool, you can also look up Alfa Romero’s transmission by VIN.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission Model
1562000-20054 SP F/AWDV6 2.5LAW 50-40LE
1592010-20116 SP F/4WDV6 3.2LC635 DDCT
1592006-20106 SP F/AWDL4 1.9L/2.0L/2.4L V6 3.2LTF 80SC
164 (8V/16V)1991-1995 L4 2.0LZF 4HP-18
1641990-1995 V6 3.0L 16VZF 4HP-18 Q
1662000-20064 SP F/AWDV6 3.0LZF 4HP20
1662003-20075 SP F/AWDL5 2.4LAW 55-50SN
4C2013-20166 SP RWDL4 1.8LC635 DDCT
BRERA2005-20116 SP F/AWDL5 2.4L V6 3.2LTF 80SC
BRERA2010-20116 SP F/4WDL4 1.8L V6 3.2LC635 DDCT
DALLARA2013-20146 SP F/AWDL4 1.8LC635 DDCT
GIULIA/GIULIETTA2010-20136 SP F/AWDL4 1.4L 1.6L 1.8L 2.0L V6C635 DDCT
GIULIA2015-20168 SP R/4WDL4 1.4/2.0/2.2 V6 3.0LZF8HP45
GIULIA2012-20136 SP F/AWDL4 2.0LTF 80SC
MILANO2010-20116 SP F/AWDL4 1.9L/2.0L/2.4L V6 3.2LC635 DDCT
MITO2009-20126 SP F/AWDL4 1.8L 2.0LC635 DDCT
SPIDER2006-20106 SP F/AWDV6 3.2LTF-80SC
SPIDER20116 SP F/AWDL4 1.8L V6 3.2LC635 DDCT
2000 (MILANO 164)1976 -1978  ZF 3HP-22
2000 (MILANO 164)1984-1993  ZF 4HP-22
20001971-1976  ZF 3HP-12

We hope you find the Alfa Romeo Transmissions by Model, Year guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Alfa Romeo.

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