Replacing the Mercedes Window Glass

5 Best Auto Glass Replacement Places Near Me

Are you looking for the best auto glass or windshield replacement place near you?

Replacing the Mercedes Window Glass

Check the Best auto glass replacement companies to replace a car windshield.

1. Auto Glass Now

auto glass now

Auto Glass Now offers windshield replacement for cars, SUVs, vans, and pick-up trucks. If you are looking for an auto glass company that offers cheap windshield replacement, auto glass now will most likely be your top choice.

Auto Glass Now offers mobile service, which means you can get your windshield replaced while you are at home or work. YOUCANIC staff has had several windshields replaced by Auto Glass Now (AGN).

Auto Glass Now offered the lowest price or matched a competitor’s price every time we called. You may be able to get same-day service in some cases but not always. If you have a luxury vehicle, they may have to order your windshield, which typically takes one to two business days.

The only complaint we have about Auto Glass Now is that they are overbooked. If you set up an appointment to go to their shop, you will likely be there for about two to three hours. We recommend ordering their mobile service as that takes only about one hour.

Auto Glass Now also offers a lifetime warranty on all windshield installs. If down the road you have problems with rain leakage, wind noise, or have a defective windshield, they will repair or replace it for free.

Click on the map below to find an Auto Glass Now location near you.

Auto Glass near me

2. Safelite Autoglass

Safelite Auto Glass Replacement Near Me

Safelite is the #1 auto glass retailer in the US and Canada. They install more windshields in the US and Canada than other auto glass companies. That doesn’t mean that Safelite offers the lowest price on auto glass repair. The main advantage of Safelite is that you will find a Safelite Autoglass location in almost any large US city. They also offer quality service and have spotless office space.

There is nothing to complain about regarding Safelite except the price. Safelite is not the cheapest option for glass replacement. In Canada, Safelite operates using various names, including Speed Glass, Apple Auto Glass, and Lebeau Vitres autos.

3. Binswanger Glass

Binswanger Glass

Binswanger is one of the top glass replacement companies in the US, with revenues ranging over $50 million per year. Binswanger Glass offers very competitive pricing.

One of the disadvantages is that they only cover parts of the US. The following map, courtesy of Binswanger Glass, shows the states in which they operate.

Binswanger Glass Location Near Me

4. Glass America

Glass America

Glas America is one of the larger auto glass companies, second in size to Safelite. Glass America is owned and operated by Boyd Group. Depending on the state, Boyd Group operates several auto glass repair shops using names such as Gerber Collision & Glass, Auto Glass Authority, and Auto Glass Only. They even have a location in Canada but are typically operated by their collision centers known as Boyd Autobody and Glass.

5. Same Day Windshields

Windshield Near Me

Same Day Windshield may not be the largest glass repair company on this list, but they have a nationwide presence and offer competitive pricing. If you need your windshield replaced the same day, you may want to call Same Day Windshields.

Same Day Windshields offers competitive pricing, so if you are looking for “dirt cheap windshiled prices,” give Same Day WIndshields a call or get a quote from them online. 


best auto glass repair near me cracked windshield YOUCANIC

On average, it costs between $200 and $350 to replace a car windshield without insurance coverage. Don’t pay more for a windshield unless you drive a high-end luxury or exotic car.

cheap auto glass replacement near me

Look at this 2015 Honda Civic. We had the windshield replaced for a total of $240. The car insurance wasn’t involved.


If the windshield does not have a large crack but only a small rock chip, you can fix it using a $24 kit following this windshield repair guide.

Based on our experience, Auto Glass Now has the lowest price repeatedly every time we get quotes from various companies. If they didn’t, they matched the price of the competitor.  Auto Glass Now was always cheaper when compared to Safelite and car dealerships. While Safelite has more locations than any other glass replacement company in the US, our favorite place to get a windshield replaced is Auto Glass Now.

A car windshield is part of the vehicle’s structural integrity. Instead of replacing a windshield yourself, we recommend leading the job up to the professionals. Unless your windshield only has a small crack, in which case, you can fix it yourself using by following this guide.  If your dealer has quoted you over $500 for a windshield replacement, check the glass repair companies we list in this article. All you need to do is visit their website or call them to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does car insurance cover breaking a windshield? 

If you have full coverage, your insurance can cover the windshield replacement. Call and check because you may have to pay a deductible.

Should I use my insurance to fix my windshield? 

Full / Comprehensive Coverage – Getting your car windshield replaced by auto insurance when you have to pay a deductible doesn’t make sense. Most people will have to pay the deductible, which is $500. Therefore, why file an insurance claim when you can get your car windshield replaced for as low as $250 without even going through your insurance. Some comprehensive auto insurance plans offer free windshield replacement. Call your insurance and ask for the coverage provided by your policy.
Liability Insurance – Most liability insurance plans don’t cover windshield damage. You will have to pay out of pocket.

How much does it cost to replace the windshield without insurance? 

We have replaced most windshields without insurance, ranging between $240 and $320. Call at least three auto glass companies to get the lowest price.

Is Safelite auto glass expensive? 

Yes. Safelite auto glass quotes were higher than Auto Glass Now and other local independent auto repair shops in every quote we got.

Should I repair or replace the windshield? 

If your windshield has a small crack often caused due to rock chips, you can easily repair it yourself. If your windshield has a line crack, it must be replaced.

How long do you have to wait for windshield replacement? 

On average, it takes one hour to replace a car’s windshield. If you take your car into an auto glass and body shop, you will most likely be there for about two hours as most shops are very busy. A great alternative is to have the auto glass technician come to your home or work. Most auto glass shops offer mobile service for a small fee of $20 or $30.


YOUCANIC is not affiliated with any auto glass companies on this list. The logos in this article are used for information purposes only. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

We hope you find the 5 Best Auto Glass Replacement Places Near Me guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your vehicle.


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