Learn how to replace the low-beam light bulb on Mazda 5. These instructions apply to Mazda5 manufactured from 2010 to 2018. Replacing the light bulb is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes.

What you will need

Mazda 5 uses two bulbs for the low beam: Halogen or HID. Mazda5 only has one or the other, not both.

  • H7 Light Bulb
    • Mazda 5 uses H7 light bulbs for the low beam.
  • D2S Hid Bulb
    • Mazdas that have Xenon low beams use D2S bulbs.


mazda 5 change bulb
  1. Park the Mazda 5. Turn off the engine. Ensure the lights are turned off as well.
  2. Open the hood of the Mazda 5. The hood release is located under the dashboard.
  3. Access the back of the Mazda 5 headlights. In some cases, it may be easier to remove the headlight, but for Mazda 5, it is not always necessary. Remove the black plastic cover to access the Mazda 5 low-beam bulb.

  4. Remove the low beam light bulb from the headlight of the Mazda 5 and the low beam socket by turning it counterclockwise. Use gloves when handling light bulbs.
  5. Install the new low-beam light bulb on your Mazda 5. Don’t touch the glass part of your bulb with your bare hands.


Check the fuses if the low beam doesn’t work after replacing the light bulb. Mazda 5 has two fuses, one for the right and one for the left headlight. In the fuse box located in the engine compartment, locate fuse 39 and fuse 40. Both these fuses are 15 A.

Driver side headlight

  • The fuse is marked as Head LO L and is fuse slot 39.

Passenger side headlight

  • The fuse is marked as Head LO R and is fuse slot 40.

Replacing the headlight bulb on a Mazda 5 is simple and can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

We hope you find the Mazda 5 Headlight Light Bulb Replacement guide helpful. For more help maintaining your Mazda, check out these related vehicle repair guides.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you release the wire clasp?!

  2. vanbourne says:

    The low beam bulb is incorrect in this article. It calls for H11, but those are for foglights. The correct low beam bulb is H7. Also, the connectors in the video appear to be for the high beam connectors. The low beam connectors have a rubber seal that must be removed first, then a wire clasp that must be released, then you can remove the bulb assembly. The bulb itself will then need to be removed from the plastic seat, and the new bulb placed back into the seat. Don’t touch the bulb with your fingers.