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Upgrades for BMW 2-Series F22 F45 F23

Looking for cool upgrades and modifications to transform your BMW 2-Series? These upgrades and mods are mainly for BMW F22, F45, and F46 but may also fit other BMW vehicles.

Wheel Spacers

ZY Wheel 2pcs 20mm (3/4") Black Hubcentric 5x120 Wheel Spacers (72.6mm bore) with 10pc Silver Lug Bolts (12x1.5) for Many BMWs E36 E46 E90 E92 E60 318i 323i 325i 328i 330i 335i 525i 545i Z3 Z4 Z8 M3

BMW wheel spacers are a simple mod that provides superior handling and roll reduction while dramatically enhancing the look of your BMW. These wheel spacers will push your rims and tires out flush with your wheel well for an instant “fat” aggressive look for better lateral stability and handling.

Front Strut Tower Brace Bar

bmw 2 series mods upgrade ideas

Improve your vehicle’s balance, steering precision, and grip levels by upgrading the front strut tower brace to enhance overall driving performance. They are also made of high-quality material and rigorous, extensive testing, promising the best handling experience.

License Plate Mount F-Chassis

bmw f22 upgrades

Avoid fix-it tickets and put your bumper tow hook to work with this tow hook license plate mounting kit. This kit can be easily removed and leaves your bumper damage-free. It also features five different adjustment holes so you can tailor the fitment to your bumper.

Coilover Kit BMW 2 Series

BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit for 14+ BMW 2 Series M2 (M235i) - F22.

Enhance your car’s street driving and occasional road course duty with Coilover Kit for BMW, BR model. They have easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine-tuning your compression/rebound and separately adjustable ride height. These systems come with pillow ball mounts to provide the most feedback possible from your suspension and sharpen your steering response.

Chrome Tailpipe Tip

bmw 2 series upgrade

Give your car a perfectly new look with the fit and perfect chrome tailpipe tip. These fit perfectly on the stock exhaust tips and look great. These chrome tips will fit over the metal pipes like a glove.

We hope you find the Upgrades for BMW 2-Series F22 F45 F23 guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.


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