Nissan Quest Window Regulator Motor Replacement

Nissan Quest Window Regulator Replacement DIY

If the Nissan window won’t go up or gets stuck, there is a good chance the window regulator or window motor is faulty. This guide provides instructions on replacing the window regulator and motor on Nissan Quest.

This guide’s pictures and video clips are based on a Nissan Quest. Still, these instructions will help you change the window regulator and motor on Nissan Altima, Sentra, Maxima, Frontier, Cube, Rogue, and other models. Steps may vary slightly.

What you will need

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  • Mechanic Tool Set (Metric)
  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Pliers


  1. Remove the screw located behind the door handle. nissan window regulator diy
  2. Next, remove the window switch from the door panel.remove the window switch
  3. Pry out the door panel and remove it.replace nissan window regulator window motor
  4. Next, lower the window so that the bolts on the window regulator line up with the two access holes. The access holes are covered with plastic tape, so you must remove them to expose the window regulator window regulator motor replacement removal installation glass
  5. You must loosen up the two bolts to pull up the door glass. Secure the glass in the up position with tape or have a helper keep the glass door window glass removal diy guide
  6. Remove all bolts from the door panel. In this case, you must remove the black bolts while leaving the silver bolts in place. Bolts that need to be removed have been circled in red.v
  7. Remove the Nissan window regulator and motor.
  8. Install the window regulator in reverse order.

Keep the airbag wires connected when operating the window up and down. If the airbag is disconnected and turns on the ignition, the airbag light will come on.

We hope you find the Nissan Window Regulator Replacement DIY guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Nissan.


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