Subaru Check Level & Add Engine Coolant

subaru coolant reservoir

Is your Subaru engine overheating, or the engine coolant light is on? Learn how to fix the problem by checking the fluid level and adding antifreeze (coolant) to your Subaru.

You can check Subaru’s coolant level by looking at the outside of the reservoir, even if the engine is hot. If the level is the “LOW” mark, wait for the engine to cool down and follow the instructions below to add engine coolant.


  • Engine Overheating
  • Engine Coolant Light On
  • Engine coolant/antifreeze light stays on

What you will need

  • Subaru Engine Super Coolant SOA868V9270
    • Mixed 50% antifreeze, 50% distilled water
    • Use the coolant type noted in your owner’s manual.


  • Do not remove the coolant reservoir cap when the engine is running or hot.


Allow the Subaru to cool down.  Opening the radiator or coolant reservoir cap when the Subaru engine is hot can cause serious injuries. add coolant subaru

Pull the hood release under the dashboard.

Locate the coolant reservoir and remove the cap.

Add engine coolant to bring the level just below the Maximum mark.

That’s it. Checking and adding coolant (antifreeze) to a Subaru is very easy. Make sure to allow the engine to cool down before you remove the radiator or coolant reservoir cap.

What Kind of coolant does a Subaru take?

Most Subaru vehicles use Genuine Subaru Super Engine Coolant SOA868V9270. Verify the correct engine coolant for your Subaru in the owner’s manual. Don’t use just plain water or unapproved antifreeze.

We hope you find the Subaru Check Level & Add Engine Coolant guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Subaru.

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