Honda Turn Signal Not Working

Honda Turn Signal Not Working Properly

The left or right turn signal on a Honda Ridgeline, Pilot, Oddysero, Accord, etc., may not work. The problem is often the turn signal relay and can affect a lot of Honda and Acura vehicles.

The turn signal may stop working on Honda vehicles such as the first-generation Ridgeline pickup truck and the Pilot SUV. Nothing happens when you press the left turn signal, and the amber bulbs don’t blink.

This can be frustrating, especially if you checked the fuses, and they seem ok. You should also check the turn signal bulbs to ensure they are not burned once you check the fuses and turn signal bulbs. If you find that both the bulbs and fuses are OK, the next step is to replace the turn signal relay.


A faulty turn signal replay could cause several issues, including:

  • The turn signal doesn’t work
  • Signal hyper flashes, rapid flashing
  • No sound when the blinker is on
  • Turn signal sound is too weak
  • Honda left turn signal doesn’t work, the right works
  • Honda’s proper signal doesn’t work, the left works
  • Turn arrow doesn’t flash on the dashboard
  • Turn blinking sporadically and making random buzzing noises.

A faulty turn signal relay often causes most of the problems described above. Watch the video in this article to find out how to replace it yourself.


honda turn signal relay not working

Replace the turn signal relay located under the dashboard, driver side. The relay may have part numbers RY-731 Ridgeline / Pilot, Accord, and Acura MDX. Honda Odyssey may use part number RY717. Remove the old relay and check the part number before ordering a new one.

Replacing the relay is easy and takes about 15 minutes. All you need is long nose pliers.

Follow these steps to replace the turn signal relay:

  1. Press the parking brake. This will give you more room to access the fuse panel.
  2. Slide under the dashboard on the driver’s side. honda turn signal flasher relay location
  3. Locate the turn signal relay and pull it out using pliers. easy way to replace fix honda turn signal problem
  4. Press the new turn signal relay in place. Ensure the circle with the holes (speaker) is on the same side.

The video above shows how to replace the turn signal relay yourself in under 15 minutes.

The turn signal relay may also be called a flasher relay. It is the same part for many models. For example, the flasher relay from a 2006 Honda Ridgeline will also fit a 2008 Acura MDX as the part is interchangeable. With that said, we recommend that the replacement part number matches the old part number.


If your Honda or Acura turn signal doesn’t work, the most common problem is a failed turn signal relay. The turn signal relay is located in the fuse box under the dashboard on the driver’s side. It takes less than 15 minutes to fix this problem yourself, and you don’t need any unique tool. Technically you can remove the grey relay without any tools, but pulling it with pliers makes it much more manageable.

We hope you find the Honda Turn Signal Not Working Properly guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Honda.


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