The sliding door on 20015-2018 Kia Sedona may not reverse when an obstruction (such as a child) is detected as the door is closing. This problem can cause injuries.

The automatic stop and reversal feature is designed to stop the door closing process and allow the door to open automatically when an obstruction is detected.

kia sliding door won't auto open

According to Kia, the Power Sliding Door (PSD) issue affects Sedonas manufactured from July 2014 to December 2017. The VIN sticker can check the manufacturing date of your Kia Sedona on the driver’s door jamb.

A sensor mounted on the door well detects the movement of the sliding door as it closes. If unexpected changes are seen when the sliding door closes, it stops the door, and the door closing process is reversed. Because the sliding door sensor threshold is set too high, the door may not stop when an obstruction, such as a child, is in the way of the door.


A software update is available for the Power Sliding Door (PSD) control module. The PSD software update lowers the sensitivity threshold for the sliding door sensor.

To make the door auto-reverse when little resistance is detected, the PSD is programmed to reverse the door closing at lower sensitivity.

Owners cannot update the PSD module themselves; currently, there is no DIY fix for this problem. The best solution is to take the car to the dealer and have the dealer do the Power Sliding Door module update, which is free.

Recall Information

Kia recalls over 100,000 Kia Sedona for this issue according to recall 18V-338. Kia dealers will update the Power Sliding Door module software as part of this recall.

This procedure is also called reprogramming the power sliding door module software logic, free of charge for Kia owners. Kia owners will be notified as early as June 18, 2018.

All Kia Sedona owners affected by this recall should receive a letter. If you do not receive a recall letter but believe your Kia Sedona is affected by this recall, contact Kia customer service at 1-800-333-4542.

Recall Reference

  • NEF-150JK
  • 18V-338
  • NHTSA ID: 18V338
  • Kia Recall SC164


  1. Recall Acknowledgement RCAK-18V338-9862.pdf 245.784KB
  2. Chronology RMISC-18V338-2575.pdf 101.371KB
  3. Defect Notice 573 ReportRCLRPT-18V338-3176.pdf 215.441KB

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