Below you will find a list of Mercedes Benz transmissions by year, model, and engine size. Using the Decoder Tool, you can also look up the Mercedes Benz transmission by VIN.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission Model
1901990-20034 SPD RWDL4 2.3LL6 2.6L
3001991-19934 SPD RWD/AWDL5 2.5LL6 2.6L 3.0L
4001992-19934 SPD RWDV8 4.2L722.3
5001990-19934 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.3
300SL1990-19935 SPD RWDL6 3.0L722.5
C2201994-19964 SPD RWDL4 2.2L722.4
C2301997-20055 SPD RWDL4 1.8L 2.3L722.6
C23020067 SPD RWDV6 2.5L722.7
C2402002-20055 SPD RWDV6 2.6L722.6
C2801994-19964 SPD RWDL6 2.8L722.4
C2801997-20005 SPD RWDL6 2.8L722.6
C28020065 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.0L722.6
C28020067 SPD RWDV6 3.0L722.7
C35020065 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.5L722.6
C35020067 SPD RWDV6 3.5L722.7
C361995-19964 SPD RWDL6 3.6L722.4
C3619975 SPD RWDL6 3.6L722.6
C431998-20005 SPD RWDV8 4.3L722.6
C552005-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
CITAN2015-20166 SP FWDL4 1.2LPS250
CL1999-20135 SP R/AWDV8 5.0/5.4 V12 5.5/5.8L722.6
CL2003-20147 SP R/AWDV8 4.6/5.0/5.5L722.9
CL5001998-20045 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.6
CL5002005-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.9
CL55 AMG2001-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
CL6001998-20065 SPD RWDV12 5.5L 5.8L 6.0L722.6
CL65 AMG2005-20065 SPD RWDV12 6.0L722.6
CLA2013-20167 SP 4WDL4 2.0LF-DCT
CLA2013-20167 SP F/4WDL4 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2LF-DCT
CLA2013-20167 SP FWDL4 1.6LF-DCT
CLASS A2000-20055 SP FWDL4 1.4/1.6/1.7/1.9L722.6
CLASS A2000-20055 SP FWDL4 1.4/1.6/1.9L722.7
CLASS A/CLASS B20127 SP FWDL4 1.8/2.0/2.2LF-DCT350
CLASS A/CLASS B2004-2012CVT FWDL4 1.5/1.7/2.0LWFC280
CLASS A/CLASS B2012-20147 SP FWDL4 1.2/1.5/1.6/2.2LF-DCT350
CLASS A/CLASS B2012-20187 SP FWDL4 1.6LK7A240
CLASS A/CLASS B2013-20177 SP 4WDL4 2.0LK7X400
CLASS A/CLASS B20189 SP F/4WDL4 2.0LK9X500
CLASS A/CLASS B20187 SP FWDL4 1.2/1.3L7 DCT300
CLASS A/CLASS B20189 SP F/4WDL4 1.5/1.6/2.0LK9A400/K9X400
CLASS C1994-19964 SP RWDL4 2.2L L6 2.8L 3.6L722.4
CLASS C2000-20127 SP R/AWDL4 2.2L V6 2.5/3.0/3.5 V8722.9
CLASS C1997-20145 SP R/AWDL4 1.6/1.8/2.0L722.6
CLASS C2014-20169 SP R/4WDL4 1.6/2.0/2.2LW9A400
CLASS C2014-20167 SP R/4WDL4 2.0/2.2LHK7C700
CLASS C2017-20189 SP RWDL4 2.0LHW9X500
CLASS C20189 SP RWDV8 4.0LK9X900
CLASS C COUPÉ2015-20167 SP RWDL4 2.0/2.2LHK7C700
CLASS C COUPÉ20169 SP R/4WDV6 3.0LW9A700
CLASS E20129 SP R/AWDL4 1.8L 2.3LNGS
CLASS E1999-20145 SP R/AWDL4 1.8L V6 2.4L V8 4.0L722.6
CLASS E2002-20147 SP R/AWDL4 1.6L V6 2.4L V8 4.0L722.9
CLASS GL2006-20147 SP AWDV6 3.0L V8 4.0L/5.5L722.9
CLASS R2005-20147 SP R/AWDV6 3.0L V8 4.6/5.0L722.9
CLASS S1994-19954 SP RWDL6 3.4L V8 4.2L722.3
CLASS S1994-19955 SP RWDL6 3.2L722.5
CLASS S1996-20125 SP R/AWDV6 2.8L V8 4.0L V12 5.5L722.6
CLASS S2005-20147 SP R/AWDL4 2.2L V8 4.0L 4.3L V12722.9
CLASS SL2005-20127 SP R/AWDV6 3.0/3.5L V8 5.0/5.5722.9
CLASS V2000-20024 SP FWDV6 2.8L01P
CLASS V2000-20034 SP FWDL4 2.2L/2.3LZF 4HP20
CLC2005-20067 SP RWDV6 2.5L/3.5L722.9
CLC2008-20117 SP RWDV6 2.5L 3.5L722.9
CLK1999-20095 SP RWDL4 1.8L V6 2.6L V8 5.0L722.6
CLK2004-20097 SP RWDV6 2.5L/3.0/3.5L722.9
CLK3201998-20065 SPD RWDV6 3.2L722.6
CLK35020067 SPD RWDV6 3.5L722.7
CLK4301999-20035 SPD RWDV8 4.3L722.6
CLK5002003-20045 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.6
CLK5002005-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.9
CLK55 AMG2001-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
CLS50020067 SPD RWDV8 5.8L722.9
CLS55 AMG20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
CLS2004-20147 SP R/AWDL4 2.2L V6 3.0L V8 4.6L722.9
CLS2014-20169 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 3.0/3.5L9G-TRONIC
CLS2014-20167 SP 4WDL4 2.2L V6 3.0LW7X700
CLS20169 SP R/4WDV8 5.5LK9A1000
CLS20189 SP R/4WDL4 2.0LHW9X500
CLS20189 SP 4WDV8 4.0LK9X900
E-CLASS2014-20169 SP R/4WDL4 2.0/2.2L V6 3.0/3.5LW9A400
E-CLASS20169 SP R/4WDV8 4.0LK9A1000
E-CLASS20169 SP RWDL4 2.0LHK9A700
E-CLASS COUPÉ2014-20169 SP RWDV6 3.0LW9A700
E-CLASS COUPÉ2014-20169 SP RWDL4 2.2LW9A400
E3001995-19964 SPD RWDL6 3.0L722.3
E3001997-19995 SPD RWDL6 3.0L722.6
E3201994-19994 SPD RWDL6 3.2L722.3
E3201997-20065 SPD RWD/AWDL6 3.2L (Diesel)722.6
E3201997-20065 SPD RWD/AWDV6 3.2L722.6
E35020067 SPD RWDV6 3.5L722.7
E35020065 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.5L722.6
E4201994-19964 SPD RWDV8 4.2L722.3
E42019975 SPD RWDV8 4.2L722.6
E4301998-20025 SPD RWDV8 4.3L722.6
E5001994-19994 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.3
E5002003-20045 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.6
E5002005-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.9
E5002005-20065 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.0L722.6
E551999-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
G5002002-20065 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.0L722.6
G55 AMG2003-20065 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.5L722.6
GLK2008-20167 SP R/AWDL4 1.8/2.2L V6 3.0/3.5L722.9
G WAGEN2000-20145 SP AWDL5 2.7L V6 3.2L V8 4.0L722.6
G WAGEN2006-20147 SP AWDV6 3.0L V8 4.0L V12 6.0L722.9
G WAGEN1990-20187 SP 4WDV12 6.0L V8 5.5LW7C1000
G WAGEN1990-20187 SP 4WDV6 3.0L V8 4.0/5.5LW7A700/W7B700
G WAGEN1990-20187 SP 4WDV6 3.0LW7C700
G WAGEN1990-20189 SP 4WDV12 6.0LK9X900
GLA2014-20167 SP FWDL4 1.5L 1.6L 2.2LF-DCT350
GLA2014-20167 SP F/4WDL4 1.5/1.6/2.0/2.2LF-DCT
GLA2014-20167 SP FWDL4 1.6LF-DCT
GLA20187 SP FWDL4 1.3L7DCT300
GLC2015-20167 SP 4WDL4 2.0/2.2LHK7C700
GLC2015-20169 SP R/4WDL4 1.6/2.0/2.2L V6 3.0/3.5LW9A400
GLC2015-20169 SP R/4WDV6 3.0LW9A700
GLC COUPÉ20169 SP 4WDV6 3.0LW9A700
GLC COUPÉ20169 SP 4WDL4 2.2LHK9A700
GLC COUPÉ20169 SP 4WDL4 2.0/2.2L V6 3.0LW9A400
GL CLASS2012-20167 SP R/4WDV6 3.0L V8 4.6/5.5LW7C700
GL CLASS2014-20167 SP RWDV8 5.5LK7B1000
GLE COUPÉ2015-20169 SP 4WDV6 3.0LW9A400
GLE COUPÉ2015-20169 SP 4WDV6 3.0L V8 4.6/5.5LW9A700
GLK2009-20157 SP 4WDV6 3.0LW7X550
GLK2011-20157 SP R/4WDL4 2.2L V6 3.0/3.5LW7C700
GT2014-20167 SP RWDV6 4.0L7DCL750
GT20168 SP RWDV8 4.0L8DCL900
MB2002-20044 SP FWDL4 2.2LZF 4HP20
ML3201998-20025 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.2L722.6
ML3502003-20055 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.7L722.6
ML35020067 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.7L722.7
ML4301999-20015 SPD RWD/4X4V8 4.3L722.6
ML5002002-20055 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.0L722.6
ML5002005-20147 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.0L722.9
ML CLASS2015-20169 SP 4WDL4 2.2L V6 3.0LW9A700
ML CLASS2015-20167 SP 4WDV6 3.0LHK7C700
ML552000-20035 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.5L722.6
R5020189 SP 4WDV6 1.6LHW9X700
R35020067 SPD RWD/4X4V6 3.5L722.7
R50020067 SPD RWD/4X4V8 5.0L722.9
R-CLASS2014-20167 SP 4WDV6 3.0LW7C700
S3201994-19955 SPD RWDL6 3.2L722.5
S3201996-19995 SPD RWDL6 3.2L722.6
S3501994-19954 SPD RWDL6 3.4L (Diesel)722.3
S35020065 SPD RWDV6 3.7L722.6
S4201994-19954 SPD RWDV8 4.2L722.3
S4201996-19995 SPD RWDV8 4.2L722.6
S4302000-20065 SPD RWDV8 4.3L722.6
S4302005-20067 SPD RWDV8 4.3L722.9
S5001994-19954 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.3
S5001996-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.6
S5002005-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.9
S55 AMG2001-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
S6001994-19954 SPD RWDV12 6.0L722.3
S-CLASS2010-2011CVT R/4WDV6 3.5LAHS-C
S-CLASS2013-20167 SP R/4WDV12 6.0L V8 5.5LK7B1000
S-CLASS2014-20169 SP RWDV8 4.6LK9A1000
S-CLASS20169 SP RWDV8 4.6LW9A700
S-CLASS2017-20189 SP RWDV12 6.0L V8 4.0LK9X900
S-CLASS20169 SP RWDV6 3.0/3.5L V8 5.0/5.5W9A400
S-CLASS COUPÉ2014-20167 SP R/4WDV12 6.0L V8 5.5LK7B1000
S-CLASS COUPÉ2014-20167 SP 4WDV8 4.6LW7C700
S-CLASS COUPÉ2014-20169 SP RWDV8 4.0/4.6LW9A700
S-CLASS COUPÉ2015-20167 SP RWDV6 3.0LHK7C700
S65 AMG20065 SPD RWDV12 6.0L722.6
SL3201994-19975 SPD RWDL6 3.2L722.5
SL5001994-19954 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.3
SL5001996-20035 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.6
SL5002004-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.0L722.9
SL55 AMG2003-20065 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.6
SL6001994-19954 SPD RWDV12 6.0L722.3
SL6001996-20065 SPD RWDV12 5.5L 6.0L722.6
SL65 AMG2005-20065 SPD RWDV12 6.0L722.6
SLC20149 SP RWDV8 4.0L V12 6.0L9G-TRONIC
SLK2301998-20045 SPD RWDL4 2.3LV6 3.2L
SLK28020067 SPD RWDV6 3.0L722.7
SLK32 AMG2002-20045 SPD RWDV6 3.2L722.6
SLK3502005-20067 SPD RWDV6 3.5L722.9
SLK55 AMG2005-20067 SPD RWDV8 5.5L722.9
SLK20149 SP RWDL4 2.0L V6 2.5L9G-TRONIC
SLR McLaren2005-20065 SP RWDV8 5.5L722.6
SLS2010-20127 SP RWDV8 6.3L7DC750
SPRINTER2000-20014 SP RWDL4 2.3L L5 2.9LW4A-028
SPRINTER1997-20166 SP RWDL4 2.2LNSG370
SPRINTER2006-20165 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 3.0/3.5LW5A380
SPRINTER2006-20165 SP RWDV6 3.0LW5A580
SPRINTER2010-20165 SP RWDV6 3.0LW5J400
SPRINTER2012-20167 SP R/4WDL4 2.2L V6 3.0/3.5LW7C700
SPRINTER2013-20167 SP RWDL4 2.2LHK7C700
V-CLASS2000-20024 SP FWDV6 2.8L01P
V-CLASS2000-20034 SP FWDL4 2.2/2.3LZF4HP20
V-CLASS2003-20155 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 2.5/3.0/3.5LW5A330
V-CLASS2003-20145 SP RWDL4 2.2LW5A580
V-CLASS2003-20145 SP R/4WDL4 2.2L V6 3.0/3.2/3.5/3.7LW5A380
V-CLASS2014-20167 SP R/4WDL4 2.0/2.2L V6 3.5LW7C700
V-CLASS2017-20189 SP RWDL4.20LHW9X500
VANEO2001-20055 SP FWDL4 1.7L 1.9L722.6
VIANO2003-20145 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 2.5L 3.7L722.6
VIANO20147 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 3.0L 3.5L722.9
VITO2000-20034 SP FWDL4 2.0L/2.2LL4 2.0L/2.2LZF 4HP20
VITO2003-20145 SP RWDL4 2.2L 3.5/3.7L722.6
VITO20147 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 3.5L722.9
X-CLASS2017-20187 SP 4WDL4 2.3L V6 3.0LJR711E

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