Need to open your Maserati hood to check the fluid level of your brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, or coolant? Learn how to open your hood by following the procedures below.


  1. Use the metal key to unlock the driver’s door if the battery is dead. unlock maserati door
  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Maserati hood release under dashbaord
  3. Go to the front of the car and slide your hand under the hood. open maserati hood
  4. Press the hood latch lever to the side and lift up the hood. hood release
  5. Ensure that the hood stays open on its hood open, engine

If the hood doesn’t stay up when you lift it, the hood gas struts are weak and need to be replaced.

If the hood doesn’t pop up when you pull the release under the hood, the cable may have me separated from the handle. Check the cable.

Also, have a friend push down on the hood. Pull the hood release under the had and keep it pulled. As you keep the hood release pulled, ask your friend, to pop up the hood.

We hope you find the Open Maserati Hood guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Maserati.

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