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Lookup Peugeot Transmission by Model, Year

Below you will find a list of Peugeot transmissions by year, model, and engine size. You can also look up Peugeot transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission Model
1072005-20145 SP FWDL3 1.0LMC5
1082014-20185 SP FWDL3 1.0LMC5
20520004 SP FWDL4 1.6LZF 4HP-14
2061998-20154 SP FWDL4 1.4/1.6/2.0LAL4
2062010-20184 SP FWDL4 1.6LAT8
2072005-20124 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
2072006-20165 SP FWDL4 1.4LMAP
2072010-20144 SP FWDL4 1.6LAT8
20820124 SP FWDL4 1.6LAT8
2082012-20144 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
2082015-20166 SP FWDL3 1.2LTF-72SC
2082012-20186 SP FWDL4 1.5L/1.6LMCP
2082012-20185 SP FWDL3 1.2L L4 1.4LMAP
20820186 SP FWDL3 1.2L6 DCT200
3012012-20164 SP FWDL4.1.6LAT8
3012013-20165 SP FWDL3 1.2LMAP
3012016-20186 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF72SC
3061993-1996 L4 2.0LZF 4HP14
3062000-20024 SP FWDL4 1.8/2.0LAL4
3072011-20124 SP FWDL4 1.6L/2.0LAT8
3072006-20086 SP F/AWDL4 2.0LTF-80SC
3072006-20084 SP FWDL4 1.6L 2.0LAL4
3082007-20164 SP FWDL4 1.6/2.0LAL4
30820124 SP FWDL4 2.0LAT8
3082008-20126 SP F/AWDL4 2.0LTF-80SC
3082009-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-72SC
3082009-20164 SP FWDL4 1.6L 2.0LAT8
3082013-20146 SP FWDL4 2.0L6 SP FWDMPS6i (6DCT451)
3082008-20156 SP FWDL4 1.6LMCP
30820186 SP FWDL3 1.2L6 DCT200
40120146 SP FWDL4 1.6L 1.8LTF-70SC
40120146 SP FWDL3 1.2LTF-80SC
40620004 SP FWDL4 1.7/1.8/2.0LAL4
4062000-20044 SP FWDV6 2.9LZF4HP20
4062000-20054 SP FWDL4 1.7/1.8/2.0LAL4
4051999-20154 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
4072003-20104 SP FWDL4 2.0L/2.2LZF4HP20
4072006-20126 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L V6 2.7/2.9/3.0LTF-80SC
4072010-20164 SP FWD2AL4
4082010-20164 SP FWDL4 1.6L/2.0LAT8
40820116 SP FWDL4 2.0/2.2L V6 2.9.30.LTF-80SC
4082012-2015L4 1.6LMCPAMT
4082012-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6L 1.8L 2.0LTF-70SC/SD
4082014-20186 SP FWDL3 1.2L L4 1.6/1.8LTF72SC
5082010-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0LMCPH4
5082011-20126 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-70/72SC
5082011-20146 SP FWDL4 2.0/2.2L V6 2.9LTF-80SC
5082013-20146 SP F/AWDL4 2.0LMPS6i (6DCT451)
5082013-20147 SP F/AWDL4 2.0L7DCT500
5082014-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF-80SD
5082018CVT FWDL4 1.6LJF016E
6072000-20064 SP FWDL4 2.2L V6 2.9LZF4HP20
6072005-20116 SP F/AWDV6 2.7/2.9LTF-80SC
8062001-20024 SP FWDL4 2.0LAL4
8072001-20104 SP FWDL4 2.0LAL4
8072002-2006V6 2.9LZF4HP20 
8072005-20146 SP F/AWDL4 2.2L V6 2.9LTF-80SC
20082013-20164 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
20082013-20165 SP FWDL3 1.2LMAP
20082013-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LMCP
20082014-20164 SP FWDL4 1.6LAT8
20082015-20166 SP FWDL3 1.2L L4 1.6LTF-72SC
300820124 SP FWDL4 2.0LAT8
30082009-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-70SC
30082010-20166 SP F/AWDL4 2.0/2.2LTF-80SC
30082011-20166 SP FWDL4 1.8LMCP
30082012-20144 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
30082014-20166 SP FWDL3 1.2L L4 1.8LTF-72SC
300820166 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF-80SD
40072009-2012CVT F/4WDL4 2.0L 2.4LJF011-E
40072009-20106 SP FWDL4 2.2L V6 2.9LSPS6 (6DCT470)
40072009-2011CVT F/AWDL4 2.4LJF011E
40082013-2014CVT F/AWDL4 2.0LJF011E
40082016-20186 SP FWDL4 1.6L 1.8LTF72SC
50082009-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-70SC
50082010-20166 SP F/AWDL4 2.0LTF-80SC
50082013-20144 SP F/AWDL4 1.6LAL4
50082013-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-72SC
50082009-20166 SP FWDL4 1.6LMCP
500820166 SP FWDL4 1.5LMCPH4
500820166SP FWDL4 1.5/2.0LAWF8F45
207i2011-20124 SP FWDL4 1.6LAT8
307 (SEDAN/SW)2001-2012 2.0LAL4
RCZ2012-20146 SP F/AWDL4 1.6LTF-70SC/SD
405 (SRI)1993-1998 L4 2.0LZF 4HP-14
BIPPER2007-20155 SP FWDL4 1.4LMAP
BIPPER2010-20155 SP FWDL4 1.3LC510
BOXER2007-20166 SP FWDL4 3.0LM40
EXPERT2010-20166 SP FWDL4 2.0LTF-80SC
PARS2008-20144 SP FWDL4 1.6LAL4
RCZ2009-20156 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-70SC
RCZ20156 SP FWDL4 1.6LTF-72SC
RVR2012-2016CVT F/4WDL4 2.0LRE0F10A

We hope you find the Lookup Peugeot Transmission by Model, Year guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Peugeot.


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