wrapping the rear quarter panel of the vehicle

Vinyl Wrap Rear Quarter Panel on SUV or VAN

The Vinyl wrap application allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance in a  short period and, in turn, will enable you to remove the wrap, returning the car to its original condition if necessary. If you are interested in wrapping your car with Vinyl, you may follow our step-by-step procedures below. This guide provides information on how to wrap your car’s quarter panel using vinyl wrap.

What you will need


  • Plastic spatula
  • magnetic holder
  • heat gun
  • razor-sharp cutter
  • gloves


  • Vinyl wraps


  1. Clean the car thoroughly to remove dirt and debris that would cause the vinyl to have bumps.
  2. Prepare your vinyl wrap.
  3. Take off your rear bumpers and tail lights.
  4. Place tapes on front windshields and rear windshields to exclude those from wrapping.
  5. Open the trunk so you can place anchor points there.
  6. Cut the vinyl up to the length of the car, giving at least four inches allowance for the back and the roof.
  7. Use the magnetic holder to hold the vinyl in place.
  8. Cut the wheel well portion of the vinyl, giving it at least 4 inches of allowance.
  9. Doors will be excluded from the quarter panel installation, so; you have to cut off the portion for the doors.
  10. Trim off excess vinyl from the roof.
  11. Start wrapping the back of the car first, then work your way slowly to the front.
  12. Ensure the car’s backside has enough vinyl to stick on, including all the edges.
  13. Fit the vinyl, then start glassing the top side of the back using a plastic spatula. Secure the glassed side with a magnetic holder.
  14. Work your way down to the wheel well, removing and re-attaching, pulling, and glassing the vinyl as necessary.
  15. Work your way to the side of the rear door.
  16. Glass up the upper side of the rear, working your way up to the roof supports.
  17. Install and glass up the roof supports from the back of the car up to the front.
  18. Once you are happy with the fit, Go to the front pillar and use a sharp razor to cut the lower edges vinyl while pulling it a bit to give some tension.
  19. Cut all excess wrap from the front of the roof support up to the back. Give an allowance of a quarter of an inch for anchoring the wrap.
  20. Using a heat gun, anchor the edges of the wrap with mild heat while securing the finished edges with your thumb. Note: Wear gloves to avoid possible injury and to avoid scratching the wrap. Start with the front lower pillar and work to the top until you reach the back pillar. Three passes of a heat gun with moderate heat would almost always do the job.
  21. Cut out the taillights area with a razor, and be sure to have a quarter-inch allowance for anchorage.
  22. Cut out the rear bumper area with a razor, ensuring a quarter-inch allowance for anchorage.
  23. Anchor the taillights and rear bumper area using a heat gun and your thumb.
  24. Heat the wheel well while anchoring the wrap using your fingers, and cut off the excess wrap.
  25. If the side you are working on has the gas cover, cut out the shape of the gas cover, allow an excess of a quarter of an inch, apply heat, and secure the wrap with your fingers.
  26. Re-install the rear bumper and tail lights.

You are done!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much vinyl do I need to wrap a vehicle? 

Depending on the size of the vehicle, different amounts of vinyl will be needed accordingly.
For smaller-size vehicles like convertibles or coupes, expect to need, on average, a 5 ft x 50 ft vinyl roll.
For sedans, expect to need, on average, a 5 ft x 55 ft vinyl roll.

How long Does it Take to Vinyl Wrap a Car Yourself?

On average, to complete a full vinyl wrap on a vehicle by yourself, plan on thirty to forty hours or about two weeks.
The time to wrap a vehicle varies slightly due to the skill level and the complexity of the vehicle body.
If you leave it up to the experts, we have seen body shops wrap a vehicle in as little as two days or up to two weeks.
For SUVs or larger vehicles in general, expect to need, on average, a 5 ft x 60 ft vinyl roll.

We hope you find the Vinyl Wrap Rear Quarter Panel on SUV or VAN guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your vehicle.


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