Need to repaint your Toyota Lexus and don’t know the paint code? Learn how to locate your paint code on your Toyota Lexus by following the procedures below.

The easiest way to find a Toyota paint color code is to open the driver’s door and locate the vehicle identification sticker. The color code is the first three characters after the “C/TR” label.

How to Find Toyota Paint Code

  1. Open the driver’s drivers door to locate paint code
  2. Look for the service sticker that has the VIN. It’s the sticker with the long service tag paint code loction
  3. Locate the lines that start with C/TR. The next three letters are the paint code for the vehicle’s bod. This is what you paint code loction

Toyota Paint Codes

8N0Zephyr Blue
62White Pearl
71White Mica
65White Gold Crystal
8S7Wave Line Pearl
8S7Wave Line
8T6Voodoo Blue
4X4Vintage Brown Pearl
8U1Ultrasonic Blue
8U6Tropical Sea
4W4Toasted Walnut
4X3Tangerine Splash Pearl
4X3Tangerine Splash
40Super White II
40Super White
3P0Super Red
4U3Sunset Bronze Mica
4U3Sunset Bronze
5A3Sun Fusion
5A3Sun Fusion
42AStone Grey Metallic
4X1Steel Blonde Metallic
41WStealth Black Metallic

We hope you find the Toyota Lexus Paint Code Location guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Toyota Lexus.

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