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Reset Mazda Tire Pressure Sensor TPMS Light

This guide will provide instructions on how to reset the Mazda TPMS light.

Mazda TPMS indicator light will come on and stay illuminated if one or more of the tires on your Mazda has low air pressure. Add air to the low tire, and if the tire keeps losing air, get it repaired. 

Reset Mazda Tire Pressure Sensor TPMS Light



  1. Inflate all the tires to the recommended tire pressure. The typical tire pressure is 35 PSI. It is recommended that the tires are cooled down, but the procedure will work regardless. Recommended tire pressure for your Mazda can be found on the driver's door jamb or the fuel tank door. 

    mazda recommended tire pressure sticker


  2. We would recommend that you use a digital tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure. mazda tire pressure sensor reset

  3. Turn on the ignition. If you have a keyless start Mazda, press the Start/Stop button but don't press the brake pedal. All the instrument cluster lights, including the TPMS warning light (tire with exclamation symbol), will turn on.mazda tpms reset instrucitons

  4. Press the TPMS switch on the left side of the dash next to the steering wheel. Continue to hold the TPMS switch pressed until you see the TPMS flashes to reset mazda tpms light

  5. Soon after the TPMS light flashes, you will hear a beep. This is a confirmation that the TPMS light on your Mazda has been reset.


TPMS stays on bur tire pressure is correct

In some cases, the TPMS warning light may come and stay on even though the tires don't need any more air, meaning they are all inflated to 35 PSI. The most common problems that can trigger the low tire pressure warning light are:

  • TPMS light on a Mazda could come on due to a defective TPMS sensor.
  • You are using a spare tire.

If you are experiencing any of the cases above, the TPMS tire pressure light will stay on even if you add air to your tires. Check the size of the tires. Make sure they all have a TPMS sensor installed.

If the tires are inflated and have a sensor, the most likely cause is a defective TPMS sensor (common problem) or a malfunction with the TPMS system, which is not a very common problem.

TPMS light flashing

If the TPMS light is flashing or the light won't go off, it could be due to a drained TPMS sensor battery or a TPMS system problem.

You can use a TPMS diagnostic scanner to troubleshoot the Mazda TPMS system and retrieve the error codes. This will allow you to troubleshoot the TPMS light yourself.




Hi thanks, for the information


I have a 2019 mx5 (Miata) that doesn't have the reset button to the left of the steering wheel like my 2017 did so not an option. What now?


2018 Miata owner... mine doesn't have a reset button, either.


The article should specify models. For example this is the procedure for 2016 and older Mazda CX-5s but is NOT applicable to 2017 and new Mazda CX-5s.


Worked on my Mazda 3 auto. Thanks


This worked on my 2016 CX-5, thank you very much!!

Will W

Thank you for this information! I had a flat yesterday and after repairing it was wondering why the light didn’t go off. Thanks to your helpful guide I located the reset button on my 2017 Mazda6 and reset the tire pressure monitor. Thanks agian!

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