How to start BMW if key fob is dead or not working

How to start BMW if remote key battery is dead

If the batteries in your BMW remote have died, you will not be able to start the car or unlock the doors using the keyless feature.

Follow the instructions in this guide to learn how to manually start your BMW. This guide will assist you if the key fob batteries have died or the key fob is not working.

If the main BMW battery has died, follow this guide to get into the car, then follow the instructions on this guide to jump-start a BMW with a dead car battery.


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How to manually start BMW

  1. Remove metal blade from key fob.
  2. Unlock the driver's door with the metal blade.  (Alarm may go off.)manually start bmw


  3. Place the key into the ignition slot.manually start bmwIf your BMW doesn't have an ignition slot place the keyfob (not metal blade) next to the right of the steering column. Note key symbol on the steering manual start dead battery


  4. Press the brake pedal and hold it pressed. If your BMW has a manual transmission, make sure to press the clutch. Press the Stop/Start button. start bmw dead key or battery



If your BMW doesn't start, it means the key wasn’t recognized. A check control message may appear on the dashboard stating the key was not recognized. Your key may be defective or the ignition module has a problem.

Try the procedure one more time, making sure there is no more than two-second delay between steps. 

Also, try the same procedure with a spare key.

For help with changing the key fob batteries follow this guide:  How to change BMW key fob batteries.


  • Radio transmission can interfere with the frequency of the BMW key. Also, electronic devices that may be in your pocket or charging in the car can interference with the keyless key fob. 
  • Use a BMW diagnostic scanner that is capable of reading BMW specific fault codes to read DME fault codes via the OBD2 port located under the dashboard. 


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user profile image
Gideon made a comment.
4 months 2 weeks ago

My 06 330i will not do anything when the fob id in the slot. The park indicator light stays on all the time now

user profile image
Jeff A made a comment.
2 months 1 week ago

I tryed to program another key fob with my original key now it will not start my 2007 BMW 530i . I have power everywhere but will not do anything when I go to try and start it . Please help me .

user profile image
William Trujillo made a comment.
1 month 3 weeks ago

Where did you buy the key?


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