How to Remove Front Car Seat

Whether you are replacing the seat cushion, seat occupancy sensor, or the whole front seat, removing a car's front seat is a much simpler procedure than you think.

In this guide, you will learn how to remove and replace the front seat of a car. To remove the front set, you will need a Mechanic Tools Set.

  1. If you have power seats, don't disconnect the car battery yet. Move the front seat all the way forward. 
    how to remove front car seat
  2. Locate the two bolts at the back of the chair. Look at the end of seat rails. The bolts may not always be exposed as they are in this case. Newer cars have a plastic cover on top of the screws. Remove the plastic covers to access the seat bolts.    

    how to remove car seats for cleaning
  3. Remove the two bolts on the back. These bolts can be hex head bolts, Torx bolts, or hexagonal bolts. You will have two, one at the end of each seat rail.

    how to remove front car seat honda toyota bmw audi chrysler
  4. Move the seatback. If you have power seats, you need to keep the battery connected. Otherwise, you won't be able to move the seatback. If you can't move the seat back, it will be nearly impossible to get to the two bolts at the seat's front.  

  5. Remove the two bolts at the front of the seat rails. 

    front seat removal instructions
  6. Next, disconnect the car battery. Don't disconnect the car seat wires if the key is in the ignition and the battery is still connected. Doing so will trigger the airbag / SRS warning light.

  7. Lift the seat. At this point, you should get a helper to keep the front seat tilted back so that you disconnect the electrical cables.

    front seat removal diy guide
  8. Disconnect the electrical wires from underneath the seats.   

    remove and disconnect front seat from car
  9. Remove the front car seat from the car. 

    car seat removal instructions
  10. Reinstall the seat in reverse order.   

    car seat replacement diy

Follow these instructions to remove the car seat in any car. The procedure is almost identical regardless of the car manufacturer.

The only difference is that some car makes have Torx bolts that secure the seat to the vehicle. In that case, you will need Torx sockets to remove the bolts that secure the seat to the frame. 

My SRS /airbag light came on after I replaced the seat.

Check the wires under the seat, especially the yellow connector. This is the wire for the weight sensor mounted in the seat and sometimes the seat belt buckle sensor. Having these wires disconnected can trigger the airbag light. You will need to use an Airbag SRS Scanner to read the codes and reset them if necessary. 

By YOUCANIC Automotive Experts
Nov 2020