Have troubles with the Radio iDrive of your BMW? learn how to fix it by following the procedures below.

Removing the radio from BMW vehicles may seem difficult because the radio is not your typical double-din head unit. Removing and installing the BMW radio is simple and can be completed in less than thirty minutes.

The pictures and video are from a BMW 5-Series. Owners of 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, X3, and X5 series will also find these instructions helpful.

What you will need:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Dashboard Trim Removal Kit

Service (Optional)

  • BMW Radio Repair Service


  1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. The battery is in the trunk on most BMWs, including 3-series and 5-series models.disconnect bmw battery
  2. Remove the dashboard center trim. Use the dashboard removal tool to pry out the trim. In this case, there are no bolts that need to be removed.removing bmw dashboard trim
  3. Unplug the wire from the back of the hazard light.uplug wire attached to dashboard trim
  4. Remove two screws that hold the climate control knob in place. Pull out the trim for the climate control. Be careful when pulling out the trim; don’t bend it, or it may crack.screw removal on climate knob
  5. Remove the four screws on the front of the radio. This is your CCC or CIC unit.removing screw on the car radio
  6. Slide out the BMW radio to remove it.BMW radio navigation drive pulled out
  7. Unplug the antenna, optical cable, and the rest of the wire harnesses from the back of the BMW radio.disconnecting cables and antenna
  8. Install in reverse order.

Don’t forget to disconnect the battery when replacing the BMW radio. Otherwise, you will set fault codes on various modules if you turn on the ignition when the radio is removed. If you are replacing your BMW radio with a used BMW radio (eBay link), it will require to be coded and match the VIN in your car.

While a used BMW radio from another vehicle will work, some functions may not. For example, if your BMW has Bluetooth hands-free calling installed, but the car that the radio came from didn’t have Bluetooth, your Bluetooth will not work until the installed radio has been coded to match your BMW options.

The radio on BMW vehicles has several functions, including the Navigation GPS, Bluetooth module, and CD drive, and is the brains of the iDrive. If it fails, your BMW iDrive will not work and may keep restarting.

We hope you find this guide, “BMW Radio iDrive Replacement | CCC CIC,” helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW vehicle.

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