Below you will find a list of Geo transmissions by year, model, and engine size.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission ModelDescription
FE1988-ON  JR403E 
FG1988-ON  JR403E 
FH1988-ON  JR403E 
FK1988-ON  JR403E 
METRO1989-19973 SP FWDL3 1.0L L4 1.3LMX17A210
PRIZM1989-19973 SP FWDL4 1.6LMX17A131L
PRIZM1989-19924 SP FWDL4 1.6LMS7A240-E
PRIZM1993-19974 SP FWDL4 1.6L/1.8LMS7A245E
STORM1990-19934 SP FWDL4 1.6L/1.8LJF403-EJATCO
STORM1990-19933 SP FWDL4 1.6/1.8LF3AJATCO
TRACKER1989-19973 SP RWD/4X43L30TH180 

You can also look up Geo transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.

We hope you find the Lookup Geo Transmission by Model, Year guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Geo.

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