Need to install the new window regulator of your Toyota Camry? This guide is a step-by-step procedure for installing the window regulator on a 2012-2017 Toyota Camry XV50.

What you will need

  • 10mm socket wrench
  • Toyota Camry window regulator


  1. Line up the window regulator by holding it closed together and inserting it into its original position. Putting the window regulator back to the door.
  2. Install and tighten the four 10mm bolts on the right side of the window regulator to keep it in place.Installing the bolts holding the window regulator.
  3. Set the upper arm of the regulator in its proper orientation and install the two 10mm bolt on the center part of the door. Use a 10mm socket wrench and twist it clockwise to tighten the bolts.Setting the arm of the window regulator.
    Setting the arm of the window regulator.

  4. Push the connector of the window regulator into the connection port.Reconnecting the electrical connector of the window regulator.
  5. Reinstall the window glass back to the door by lining it on the glide and install the 10mm bolts below the window.Installing the window back to the door.
  6. Put some adhesive on the edges of the plastic cover to seal it back to the door.Putting back the plastic cover on the door.
  7. Put the door panel back on the door.

We hope you find the Window Regulator Installation Toyota Camry 2012-2017 guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Toyota.

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